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    Hi Guys,

    Reckoned it was about time I joined up as I've just purchased my 2nd 6th Generation 1.8S, the first one was away back 2001, only six months old with auto box. Had it for two years, did over 50k hard miles between London & Dublin - great car. Now, I've just purchased a '00 1.8S manual with 84k on it (great value) even if it needs a few bits sorted along with some advice from you dudes.

    Cheers for now,

  2. Hi John and welcome.

    Fire away when the time comes.
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    Hi john and welcome bud :Smile:
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    Thanks guys.

    I haven't had time to fully check the car over and only drove it a few miles, besides a missing N/S mirror glass (heated?) and crap looking tyres, I found the steering to be too light (being driving all sorts since my last Accord, mainly Merc's, Mazda's & Ford's) and too much front end float. Now it's very possible nothing is actually wrong as the points I've mentioned maybe just typical of the 6th Generation cars, even if I don't recall my old one driving like this one. I do hope I'll be able do dial out some of the lightness & float. I'll post some questions in the 6th Generation section in due course, fingers crossed I can get some sound advise without the huge expense of a complete suspension upgrade and a Type-R rack. With a bit of luck a 4x4 wh.alignment & new tyres should be a good starting point.
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    Hi John, welcome to AOC. Got any pics of your car ?
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    Hi John,
    welcome to our A.O.C site, I'm quite new myself, so I can say everyone's been very friendly here.
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    Thanks. Sorry no pics but when I get it back from my mate who's doing a few jobs on it and if cleans up well for me, I'll post a few pics.
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