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    England Kevin Bridlington
    I am buying a 2007 registered CR-V, it's a 2.0 petrol EX with a genuine 16,400 miles on the clock. It has been serviced by a Honda dealer at the correct intervals, it still has the original tyres, the exterior is perfect and the interior is spotless. The Ford dealer is doing the brakes, putting 4 new tyres on and doing a "fix" on the sat nav because the disc is out of date. It comes with 6 months warranty, I pick it up on Thursday and I'm thinking about working it hard over the bank holiday weekend, is there anything I should look out for? Can anybody recommend a good up to date disc for the sat nav.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Bridboy it sounds as though you've found a peach of a CR-V :Thumbup:

    The question about updated sat-nav discs is frequently asked, so use the search function to have a look through. This will be a good start though...

    General - Honda SatNav Disc | Page 8

    Broadly, the genuine discs are expensive but the non-genuine ones can cause issued with the DVD unit and are best avoided.

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    Welcome to HK Kevin. :welcome:

    You can get genuine used discs on ebay. People often sell them when they buy the latest version. You need the Western Europe disc. Version 3.4 or newer.
    As already mentioned by @SpeedyGee, copy discs can cause permanent damage to the DVD reader unit and are really best avoided.

    There are a few on this link used discs available right now.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Bridboy, your CR-V sounds like a great find.

    Look forward to seeing it in the Club Garage
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