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    Hi All,

    I just took delivery of my new (to us) family car: A low mileage, 2011, EX model in Urban Titanium paint (an unusual gunmetal metallic that looks different colours in different lights; bronze, blue/gray, green/grey etc). Loving the CR-V experience so far and I decided Honda due to my two Honda-owning friends have covered astronomical mileages without any serious issues.

    I bought the CR-V to replace two cars; a factory LPG Vauxhall estate (to carry kids/dog) and a Land Rover (they don't salt our country lane in Bucks). The Vauxhall, although ridiculously cheap to run, needs to go as it is getting a bit leggy and the Land Rover as nobody likes it, even the dog refuses to get in it (trembling, tail between legs etc). To be fair it is fifty years old so lacks any refinements (carpet, power steering / brakes, heating etc) and it is a rattly old agricultural beasty but I restored it from the ground-up so it is going to be difficult to part with. However, I am told that 7 cars are too many so the CR-V will combine the features to two into one...

    Look forward to asking / answering questions over the coming years!
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    Welcome to HK Ian and :congratulations:on your CR-V.
    Sounds like you know your way around a car, so you will find just about all the additional information you need here. If not, just let us know as you will always find a helpful member to fill in the gaps.

    Don't forget to :garage:Details here.
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    Welcome Ian
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    Hello :Bye:and :welcome:to :gohonda:Karma
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    Welcome to Honda Karma Ian :Hey:

    Hope the CR-V serves you well.

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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Boggie :welcome:

    :congratulations: on the CR-V!

    Good to see another member from God's own county as well. :Smile:

    (What do you all mean that's Yorkshire? Really? Have you actually BEEN up there...!:lol:)
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    Think you find its Northumberland.

    Hello and welcome @Boggie :welcome:
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