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  1. Bob Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Hi All,
    Have just got a 2004 2.2 CDTi Estate.
    Will be getting it dropped off tonight.

    Bodywork is a little bit shaby, few scuffs and scratches, but seems mechnically sound and drives superbly!!

    Have had a Honda (Prelude) before and loved it. An Accord Tourer is a slighlty different beast, but looking forward to Honda build quality & reliability once more!

    First diesel and estate that I've owned & will be trying to service it myself as much as I can. Although I have never really attempted this before, so expect quite a few questions lol :Smile:

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    Hi Bob and welcome to club , since this is your first diesel please check out the various thread regarding diesel maintenance and things to look out for. I sure you have bought a sound car but the honeymoon period for second hand buyers soon strike home some major issues. The diesel accord Id neglected will bite your head off, and people will start to doubt Honda reliability. I am sure your car will be fine but history has not been kind to a lot of other members.
  3. Jon_G Guest

    Hi Bob, from a fellow 7th generation diesel tourer owner!

    Reliability isn't too bad, but hopefully you're quite handy with spanners? It's very easy to service and there's lots of useful tips on this site.
  4. Jon_G Guest

    PS - make sure you refer to it a CTDI, otherwise people might think you have a Vauxhall.

    ...Which would be embarrassing!:Aghast:
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  5. Bob Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Oops thats a good start:Blushing:

    Thanks for the welcomes and warnings!!
  6. Hi Bob and welcome

    The potential issues you need to be aware of are things like the fuel filter, exhaust manifold, timing chain and VSA. If you have a search around the site you'll find plenty of info on them. Lots of Accord diesels are reasonably trouble free though so no need to be concerned.