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    United Kingdom Stuart
    Hi All, :Hey:

    I'm a new owner of a '54 diesel Tourer Exec. Love the car but a couple of possibly odd things have developed in the past month and, before the internet convinces me of imminent mechanical Armageddon, I'd appreciate the thoughts/experience/opinions of more experienced owners ...:help:The car had about 126,000 miles on it when I bought it and has covered about another 1000 miles since.

    1. When accelerating, it slows/stumbles noticeably over about a 500 RPM band around 2,000 RPM - accelerates quickly up to it, slows through the band, accelerates quickly above it?

    2. An engine-speed low-pitched whine/howl has developed, most audible in the cabin when accelerating, hardly audible when listening for it with the bonnet up. If the engine's stopped for even a short time - say while I persuade someone at a garage or dealer to come out and listen - the noise doesn't immediately restart but does after a few minutes of running the engine ... after the garage/dealer person has gone away ... :Angry:

    The noise increases a little when the steering is turned with the car at rest - an issue with the PAS pump? But I've also read of issues with the alternator and belt that drives them?

    As I say, any thoughts/opinions/experience welcome.

  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Welcome to HK Stuart. :welcome:

    What's the service history like?
    How often has the oil been changed?

    The lower revs issue could be a dirty EGR valve. Higher revs power is where the turbo kicks in.
    When was the fuel filter last changed?

    The belt hardens with age. Are there any signs of damage?
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    Have you checked PAS fluid level? Remember if it needs some go to Honda for it as it's a special type of oil. If the fluid is low check the cooler pipe by looking under the number plate through the fins of the bumper. I've had to replace mine first thing I knew about was a whine which I initially thought was coming from the engine.
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    United Kingdom Stuart
    Thanks for the welcome and the replies. :Smile:

    Service history is complete to the last service. It's now done about 11,000 miles since that last service, so due the equivalent of the 125,000-mile service in about 1,500 miles

    As the last service was done by a garage, I'm assuming last oil change then.

    As the next service will be due in about a month at the miles the car's covering, checking the EGR valve can wait 'til then?

    Fuel filter is due for change at the upcoming service.

    Can't see any damage to the belt but, again, the upcoming service includes "Inspect and adjust auxiliary drive belts".

    The PAS fluid level is just below the "LOW" line on the reservoir; I'll call the local Honda dealer on Monday and ask if/when they can add a little. I'll check the cooler pipe.

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    It could be the low PAS fluid that's causing the sound then you could just get a bottle from the dealer and top it up yourself.
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    Welcome to the club Stuart, sorry to hear about your issues. I agree PAS is a good place to look for the whine, but the strange behaviour on the band has me stumped. @SpeedyGee any ideas?
  7. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    What colour is the PAS fluid ? If its quite black (as opposed to being a reddish colour), get the PAS fluid changed and then see how that goes.
    Dark coloured PAS fluid maybe indicator of troubles looming in the PAS system. The blackness comes from worn rubber seals.

    With your lag issue around the 2000RPM mark, sounds like the turbo is engaging slowly. Could be worth getting the turbo system stripped and cleaned, wastegate maybe clogged.
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    United Kingdom Stuart

    :Friends:Macrae & Dick in Inverness topped up the PAS fluid ... and no whine :Smile: (well, at least from the car, more work required on the owner ...). The guy who did it for me remarked that he'd like to know why the level was low but, as I don't have any history beyond the service book stamps, I'll keep a regular eye on it.

    Service star to the service reception staff at Macrae & Dick, Inverness. :Thumbup:

    Checked the PAS pipe behind the front numberplate (steel pipe just in front of the bottom of the rad.?); no visible leaks, and no oil smears across the underside of the engine tray.

    That freaked me, as it does look dark in the reservoir ... :Aghast: but, when it drips off the cap, it's red. :Smile: Also, the guy who topped it up didn't mention anything untoward apart from the low level.

    Thanks for that. The fuel filter is due to be changed at the upcoming service, and someone else has suggested checking the EGR valve.

    Thank you all for your time and help.

  9. Dave Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Yeah that's the pipe mine was rotted to hell and leaked really badly. Just keep an eye on the level glad it's sorted the problem out :Smile: