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    Hi all,

    Just looking to see if any experts on here may be able to advise.

    I took my car to my dealer last week for a new clutch which they have now fitted.

    Picked the car up Friday evening, on drive home I heard a knock which appeared to come from the offside front wheel, I thought it could have been the cowling that sits under the engine to protect the sump etc.

    Yesterday heard it again several times - seems to be more frequent but not when doing anything particular like changing gear, braking etc. Mainly happens if I hit a bump in the road, take a small speed hump unevenly (i.e one wheel goes over before the other when going over at an angle as opposed to head on) though not every time.

    Each time it seems to shake the car and I may be imagining it but it seems to come from both front wheels at the same time.

    I checked the cowling it's all in place nothing loose but when I looked at the back of the engine bay behind the gear box there is evidence of grease that looks to have been flicked up/out of somewhere while the car is in motion.

    No problems with gear changes and the clutch is fine, noise is random and not always present.

    I've avoided driving it this weekend as it's got me concerned.

    I'm calling the dealer tomorrow anyway to get it back in to them but I am worried that whatever it is could be causing damage to the drive shafts or gear box, it really does shudder the car when it happens.

    My guess is something has either not been put back at the right torque or the tracking is not set up properly but I'm no expert hence posting on here for advice.

    I'd just like to know if this is a common reported issue after a clutch change and what it may be.

    The car is an 8th Generation 2ltr Petrol model, 2008.

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    Let dealers come and recover it there work is guaranteed for 12months if your that worried about driving it tell them to come and get it
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    Thats a good point, I will be calling them first thing, I'm sure they'll sort it out for me they are very good and have always looked after me. I have to say when they quoted me £600+ to supply and fit I did consider cheaper alternatives like Mr Clutch but I feel I made the right choice albeit a more expensive one as in the event of issues like this I can go back to them with confidence it will be sorted out. Whatever it is it must have started on my drive home as they would have heard/noticed/felt it on any test drives if it had happened.
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    He will no doubt be glad you called, he is probably wondering where his fitter is! LOL
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    All sorted, thought I'd post the solution in case anyone else has this issue in the future.

    I took the car back to the dealer yesterday and luckily the clonk/knock happened to them as they were taking the car into the workshop.

    It turns out that it was a twisted engine mount on the offside of the engine bay.

    To get the gearbox and clutch out it's necessary to loosen the engine mount on the opposite side of the engine to allow movement of the engine to get the gear box away.

    Although they retightened the bolts afterwards they were not aware that the positioning of the mount had twisted so with any weight movement to that side the clonk/knock noise would happen.

    They've replaced the bolts and re-aligned the engine mount - all good again. They even brought the car back to my house for me.
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    Good to hear it was an easy fix.
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    Excellent news!