Engine & Gearbox New clutch needed soon

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    Hi everyone,

    I've been looking into getting a new clutch most of this week, as I believe mine is on it's way out.

    I have asked Honda for a price on a clutch kit which was very reasonable, but the labour charge is through the roof to change the clutch.

    Under the Honda Fixed Price repair scheme, it's around £720 odd all in :Aghast:

    I'm sure it's a pig of a job to do, but that's also a lot of money, although it can't be avoided.

    Against my better judgment, I went to Mr Clutch a moment ago who checked it and have said it's on it's way out (surprise, surprise :Whistle:)

    They've quoted me £478.99 with 2 years warranty, or £450 for just the labour and I can get the clutch of my choice from elsewhere.

    Any other suggestions? I'm leaning towards buying a Honda clutch and asking Mr Clutch to fit it, which will save me about £120 odd, but is it really a saving if it's a company whom I'm not that keen on?!

    Thoughts please!
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    Is that £478.99 including a clutch from them? If the Honda price is the bottom line (vat etc inc) then I would go to Honda if you trust the dealership. What warranty is Honda offering?
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    Don't you have any Independent Honda specialists near you ?
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    I would avoid Mr C at all cost bud, you want a clutch which will give you standard performance.

    Those bolt on you got coming and adding to your car, you want the most of out of it not the cheapest solution.
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    I should have been clearer.

    Honda are charging £740 for supplying and fitting a clutch kit, which comes with 12 months warranty.

    Mr Clutch are charging £478.99 for supplying and fitting a clutch kit, with 24 months warranty or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.

    Last option is Mr Clutch just for labour, which will be £450 and I'd have to supply the clutch kit which would be around £150 odd. I gather this would have no warranty as Honda didn't fit the genuine clutch and Mr Clutch would take no responsibility because it's not one of their clutches. So this option is pretty much out.

    Is looking like I'll go with Honda! Just bite the bullet :telloff:

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    Glad you said that, I completely forgot about CPL Racing, so waiting for them to come back to me with prices!


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    Very true, thanks for being the voice of reason.

    Guess my gut feeling was correct. I hope CPL can come back with a decent price. They mentioned Clutchmasters clutches, but I'd rather go for a Genuine Honda one.

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    Right ok, I think I've sorted the whole thing now.

    Lee at Holdcroft has recommended a company (McFarlane Automotive) closer to home to get my clutch done.

    The only question now is should I get the CMC changed to as I've got that dreaded clicking sound? I'm thinking I should as per the other thread.

    Also, how will I know what to do about the flywheel? Will I need to wait until they take it apart before I know if there is anything wrong with the flywheel? Hopefully it doesn't need replacing!

    Thanks for your help all!