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    You may have noticed the new country flag icons in member's details on posts, as the site grows more diverse with people joining from across the world, it's useful to distinguish where exactly the member you're discussing with comes from.

    To update your country flag, pop to the Personal Details section of your Account page and select from the drop-down. If you wish to show the country you were born in as opposed to where you live at the moment, feel free, these options are for you to personalise as you see fit. The previous "Location" text field has been re-purposed for your Town/City (or locality in general), feel free to make this as specific or vague as you like - for example "East Anglia".

    Note, we're still adding in a few more and there's currently a couple out-of-order, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some of our forum regulars will note their field has already been filled out, feel free to change it - this was just used for testing purposes.

    All new members will see this option on registration.
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    Nice little touch! Well done again for all your time and efforts which I'm sure all the members really appreciate.
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    Yes, this is another great touch...the sort of detail that most other forums miss.

    Good stuff.
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