Engine & Gearbox New CR-V i-DTEC turbo whine

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    Hi all,
    Just looking for a quick opinion. After taking delivery of a new CR-V diesel manual, I'm noticing a small whine-like noise when driving the car. Now, when it's turning over, no noise, but as soon as I press the throttle, this small whine-like noise can be heard. Nothing major, but enough to be ever so slightly distracting. I brought it back to the dealer and two mechanics listened and said it was turbo whine, and that it was normal in diesel cars. Having driven diesels for over 20 years, I've never heard it before. Does anyone know if this noise is normal, as I'm told, or should I start to panic? Thanks
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    Re: New CR-V iDETC turbo whine

    Yes it is normal and no need to panic.

    Happens on my Accord...
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    There is some whine in all turbo cars, perfectly normal, might be more noticeable from cold, and differs between cars depending on sound proofing etc.

    Just if it gets excessive, get a dealer to look at it.
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    Just five minutes ago I asked a similar question in a different post

    Thanks for the answers guys.:Smile:

    Phil P