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Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by simonmark1, Wednesday 16th Jan, 2013.

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    Hi all
    I have today paid a deposit on a 2008 CR-V CDTI EX, i was wondering if i have xenon headlights as standard and if the audio has a subwoofer,sorry for asking basic questions that i should have asked the salesman!!!,looking forward to ownership after a few yrs of land rover ownership,although we had good reliability from the freelander2 it was very thirsty, i believe the CR-V is pretty bulletproof so all in all we are looking forward to taking it down into france,thanks in advance
    regards simon :Wave:
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    England CJ Leeds
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    Welcome to CR-V ownership Simon
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    Thanks bowler
    I have come to the conclusion that replacing the 18" tyres on a EX is an expensive exercise ,as the options are not great,i think i'll have a look at the possibility of putting a slightly wider profile tyre on
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    In Belgium, Executive (top spec) has HID as standard on a 2008 CR-V. Is EX highest spec in UK? Than chances are high you also have HID standard.
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    HIDs only became standard on the EX in 2010. Prior to this they were available only on the EX as an adaptive safety pack (HIDs, ACC, CMBS)

    Cost an extra 5K so wasn't a popular option...
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    In the UK only. The continent seems to get HIDs more readily
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    Hi Simon and welcome to the forum, always good to have CR-V owners on here.

    Some pics when you get your car would be good, we all love pics on here.
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    Welcome to AOC Simon and congrats on the CR-V purchase.
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    Hi Simon welcome to the forum. I have owned my CR-V since March last year and I absolutely love it. My car is not a diesel but the 2.0 litre petrol version EX. I swapped my Accord ES GT 2.2 diesel for the CR-V as I do very low mileage which did not suit the latest Diesel engine due to the problem with DPF.
    Having the CR-V during the snowy weather was brilliant.
    I hope you enjoy your CR-V as much as I do.
    Regards Mike c.