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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by e999sam, Friday 19th Feb, 2016.

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    Purchased a 8 year old CR-V a week ago. It's generally in good condition but trying to get the dealer to sort out some small problems is like pulling teeth, hope that's not a sign of things to come if we have any major problems over the next 3 months.
    Overall we're pleased and hope to get several trouble free years motoring.
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Welcome to HK Pete and :congratulations:on your CR-V.

    Please :garage:as this will help us when helping you.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma Pete :Hey:

    What were the small problems ?
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @e999sam :welcome:

    Do :garage: when you get a chance.

    Did you buy the CR-V from a Honda dealer as an approved used? If so any dealer should be able to sort warranty issues so if you aren't getting satisfaction from the supplying dealer, vote with your feet!
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    Hi and :welcome: @e999sam to HK. It's THE ONLY Club for all things Honda. Hope you get your niggles sorted out, if not, do as @FirstHonda says and vote with your feet if your CR-V was bought as a Honda Approved car from a Honda dealer.
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    United Kingdom Pete Derbyshire
    I purchased it from an independent dealer a couple of hours drive from home. There's some damage to the roof which I didn't notice until I got it home garage insists he didn't see it but I suppose I'll have to live it. Left hand wind screen washer wasn't working which I've sorted myself, there was a rubber cushion missing from under the hood which has caused a small dent on the bonnet again didn't see it until I got home. I'm more annoyed with myself because I didn't see these items which I could have used to reduce the price. The one thing I'm trying to get them to fix is the drivers side speaker which isn't working but every time I contact him he just keeps using delaying tactics probably to avoid paying. Otherwise it seems to be in good condition and drives like a new car which isn't bad for an 8 year old car.
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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda: KARMA
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    Hi, welcome to the forum :Smile: