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    Hello fellow honda's

    Just got my second CR-V. I have a lease car which I have to change every two years. I'm disabled and have to have an automatic. My last one was a 2 litre with 4WD and a few gizmos.
    This time having joined this forum I decided rum in walto upgrade, so, I now have a 16 reg CR-V SR 2litre auto 4WD with a removable towing hitch and 13 pin socket in polished metallic finish. I think it's a lovely looking car, but might be a bit biased. I'll post pictures so
    I'd like to talk about towing as im thinking of getting a caravan! Shock horror! Just I want to work at a museum in Wales and need somewhere to stay. So advice on weights and types of van, ie. two wheels vs four wheels etc etc.

    Thank you in advance for any advice

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    Oops, a few errors....

    The car is metallic finish, not the hitch!
    Will post pictures soon.

    Big fingers, small brain!
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    Hello @Crusher and welcome to HK.
    Judging from feedback posts CR-Vs make a fantastic towing vehicle so good choice there. Do post some photos when you get a chance.
    I don' think I have seen discussions on type of vans but im sure other CR-V owners can advise you better.
    @karlak @crv2014ex @FR-V @Otaio engineer @musicman580

    Have a look through CR-V threads here: Honda CR-V while you wait for owners to respond
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Crusher :welcome:

    I think you've made an excellent choice..,and I'm not biased either :Smile:

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    Welcome @Crusher to HK - as you've already found out it's THE ONLY CLUB for all things Honda!
    There is no bias from me on your choice of Honda!!! Ha Ha!
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