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    Hi there,

    I bought an '05 Accord Tourer in July last year, and have been reading this forum avidly since! I'd now like to make a post so thought I'd best introduce myself.

    I live in Derby and bought the car privately on 109k miles. I must admit I had not planned on buying a honda, had my eye on a Saab 93 estate before, and had researched the model I wanted, the airflow, to avoid the dreaded DPF. These were hard to find at the budget I had, and on opening out my search came across the accord, and found out the CDTI did not have the DPF. :Thumbup:

    Went to see one and was soon won over. Didn't buy the first, it was clocked, but the second one was spot on. Full history, 3 owners, and a very respectable previous home! There was a slight noise from the front end, but looking through the history found reference to oiling suspect belt pulley and thought it must be time to replace this. Opps.

    Well I'l continue this in a new thread


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    Hello Jim and welcome to AOC
    Fire away with any questions you have and hope you find forum helpful.
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    Welcome to AOC Jim.

    Good job in going for the Honda over the Saab :Wink:
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  5. Hi Jim and welcome, look forward to seeing you on the forum.
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    Hey bud welcome to AOC always nice to see a new diesel owner :Smile: