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    Hi all,

    Just a quickie to introduce myself....Name is David, I'm 42, and living in Norfolk, just on the edge of The Broads....I'm quite new to the joys of Japanese motoring (Five years or so), and have just taken delivery of my first four-wheeled Honda....It's a 2005 Accord 2.2i-CDTi Executive Tourer, in Milano Red....So far, I'm loving it! :Smile:

    I'm looking forward to chatting with other owners, and generally just finding out more about the car....Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of it before long....I have some 18" Rota Alloys on order for it....I'm sure a photo session will follow swiftly once they're fitted!

    Cheers all....Have a good weekend.

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    Welcome David :Hey:

    I would live to see your rota wheels when they land.
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    Thanks both.

    Rotas are now on....Looks pretty good, although it would have accepted 19's no problem, had the budget permitted! Busy weekend ahead, but I'll do my best to get some pics taken and posted.

    Couple of issues apparent with the car....Front brakes are getting quite hot, suggesting sticky calipers, yet the car rolls freely on my only very mildly sloping driveway....Hopefully a strip/clean/grease where appropriate on Monday will do the trick!

    Secondly, a strange whining noise with increases and decreases in pitch dependent upon engine revs....Sounds a bit like a supercharger! Suspect that is something related to the engine drive belt or one of it's pulleys/idlers, but again, hopefully I'll know more when I have it looked at on monday.

    Otherwise....Loving the car! :Smile:
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    Hi david and welcome to the AOC . Get ur pic of ur car n wheels up so we can gawp:Aghast:
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    Okay....Hopefully, my post in the 7th Generation section of the forum will soon be approved by the moderators, and you can gawp all you want! :Wink:
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    Welcome to AOC buddy. :Hey: