Introductions New GT Sport Tourer Owner, Type-S / A-Spec body kit??

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    Hi All,

    I am new here! At the weekend I bought myself a 2008 Honda Accord GT Sport Tourer in Graphite Pearl.

    I have only done 20 miles in the car so far and already it's great. A massive improvement over my 1999 Nissan Primera GX Estate!!!

    I am going to try to get rid of my Accord's slightly boring and old person orientated exterior styling... so some subtle bodywork alterations and a nice set of alloys are a must for this.

    It's my understanding after doing some research that the front grille and bumper on the facelift 06-08 Accord are the same between the petrol and diesel cars, so I believe that all of the Type-S parts from the 2.4 petrol tourer will fit my car, right?

    I would like to get the Type-S front grille and the Type-S or the A-spec front lip for the car .

    Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can buy these parts? Do we get a club discount anywhere?

    I can get hold of the part numbers for the Type-S parts from the Lings Honda website, but does anyone have an OEM part number for the A-Spec front lip? Can the A-Spec even be ordered from a UK dealer?

    A-Spec front lip is shown at the links below:

    A-Spec at HeelToe

    A-Spec lip on a Graphite Pearl Accord

    Type-S Lip and Grille on a black saloon Accord:
    Type-S Lip

    Thanks in advance for any help :Smile:

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    Welcome to the club! I'm actually a big Primera fan myself, our family owned 3 in total over the years. Bulletproof engines. Could tell you some funny stories about a friend who tried to purposefully kill a Primera in a derby, it just wouldn't die.

    Anyway, I happened to have ordered a Facelift Type-S grill, new chrome badge and the surrounding trim (Graphite Pearl, same as yours) earlier today for £162 I believe. Holdcroft Honda is the place to go and you'll receive club discount by mentioning our name.

    Any 06-08 Grill/Front Bumper/Lip will fit your car fine, however the Tourer's side skirts and back bumper differ from their Saloon counterparts. With the Type-S grill you need the surrounding painted trim ordering too.

    As for lips, I'm not sure as I plan to go for Mugen parts as opposed to A-Spec. Talk to the guys at HH and they can normally point you in the right direction for genuine Honda. Otherwise domestically, your best port of call is Hond-R. Marcus at Heeltoe that you've already linked to should be happy to sort you out with international shipping if you want to go that route.

    In regards to Part Numbers, the guy here for that is CJ - he'll pipe in if he can be of help no doubt :Thumbup:
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    That's a great reply, thanks very much for the help and info!
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    Hi Jon.

    The Aspec aka sports pack for the tourer for your car colour..NH-658P - Graphite Pearl contains the Front,Rear and side skirts (Single & Dual Exhaust) You also get new long and sportier looking exhaust trims the stock one is shallower these are longer and look way smarter!!

    A few drawbacks you cannot use this kit in combination with front and rear mudguards, rear parking sensors and front bumper trims or the city pack. if you have had front mud guards you will notice the severe pitting where the mudguards were and it looks ugly. I had them and I had to get the bottom of the front fenders blended in. My advice to anyone never use the mudflaps on the Accords.

    Anyway coming back to your question

    The Whole Aspec kit is for £1149.02 part number 08KIT-SED-SP640

    Parts individually which no one will tell you :Wink:

    08F01-SEA-640C FR UNDER *NH658P*TE 1 £426.78
    08F03-SED-640D RR BUMPER*NH658P*TE 1 £370.00
    08F04-SED-640B SIDE UNDE*NH658P*TE 1 £628.88

    So the total of these three parts is £1425.66 you buy the Kit at the £1149.02 a saving off £276.64

    if you rang Holdcroft Honda and speak to the parts guys and see what discount you can get on the whole kit. Hope this info helps you
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    That's awesome, thanks very much for the help and info!! Do you have any pics of your car with that kit installed?
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    No problem happy we could help.:Hey:

    This is what my car looked when it was fitted in 2008

    P7110481-1. P7110480-1. P7110479-1. P7110477-1. P7110475-1. P7110473-1. P7110474.
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    Cool! Pics 1 and 2 are the ones aren't they, car looks great in them :-D

    Same colour as mine too so gives a great impression of what mine could look like :GoodJob:

    Thanks again,