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    England CJ Leeds
    Since 2010 till now Honda showrooms across the country have been a 3 car model showroom,however the bright sparks at Honda UK and the head of cars Leon Brannan wants to conduct a study to see how he win customers back.


    Now Honda launching 6 models this year clear can someone please tell this deluded piece of a head of departments what 3 cars and 6 cars can do to a brand! This is the same bright spark who came out with this comment a few days back, Autocar - 2017 Honda CR-V to grow in size

    We know what is holding you back Honda its the people you employ..

    Honda piloting re-prospecting service for its dealers to win back lost sales
  2. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    If he wants to win his customer base back, a good start would be to actually listen to the customers.

    Bring back the Accord - that will help win a lot of people back
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  3. vincemince Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    @Nighthawk Your spot on listen to the customers

    For me they need to take a good look at
    The product , is it what people want ?
    Is the price right ?
    Can the dealers deliver ?

    People need to be happy with these 3
    Compared to years ago trust has substantially diminished between customers and business' s
    I now find sales people clinically technocratic and unable to build trust . It is no longer a relationship , more how can I sell you this , rather than does this meet your requirements .

    In the past We have been given Demos for a couple of days to try them out , now it seems to be a quick drive round the block. On one occasion a dealer had to borrow a demo from another dealer 100 miles away in 1994 . No problem , then he brought it to us at home 15 miles away to try out for half a day and he spent the day with us discussing the pros and cons, more Top Gear than anything else . This helped him because he had not recieved his Demo and he got 100% solid honest feed back from us while he was with us , because he could see the pros and cons in real life . He was so helpful and yet never pushy , his philosophy was I don't want unhappy customers because trust is what brings people back I,e if the product is good and we are good , people will keep coming back , the minute you lose trust it's easier to go elsewhere .
    He also got lucky because we bought two instead of originally looking for one car , the better halves father bought one

    Nowadays you feel like a product going through a process rather than talking to a person to make a deal
    And that awful question ' what would make you buy the car right now ?' Or ' the offer only lasts for today '
  4. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Only two ways I can see that will work on me

    1) New Accord (this is probably the only guaranteed way)
    2) Seriously re-work the Civic and start by making it more advanced than the 1988 4th Generation for a change - GET RID OF THE STUPID TORSION BEAM SUSPENSION THIS BELONGS ON A CART. :disagree:

    Sorry if that appears bit harsh but allegedly the Customer is always right....
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    Scotland Graham Scotland
    I've said it before, if there was an Accord that could give the power and emissions of the car in in then I'd be in it. Even the economy is actually not too bad. The guy at BMW even offered all three of us one each to take away for a few weeks to try out. For such stats and a very reasonable monthly cost my finance head had no choice, it overrided my love for Honda and has actually made me a little annoyed at them.

    Although, on saying that my dad dropped by at work in my CR-V to collect my house keys and when walking up to it I still thought, what a damn nice looking car! Lol
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  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    John I take it you haven't seen this yet , Ito sent home and the new CEO in his speech will make you happy Official Honda - Summary of CEO Speech on July 6, 2015

    BTW you forgot to say the Civics needs to a prettier car too.
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Listening to customer is the fundamental base to growth and its is no good now as you have lost loyal and new customers with a lack of line up and product depth, so now HUK is conducting a study with new models being launched which will sell is questionable? Why were you not listening tho your valuable customer 5 years ago Leon? HUK are throwing money to a fire which is out of control and HUK and HME have caused this with lack of product launched in a timely manner Having said that no doubt Honda will rebound with these new models and I hope they do well it been a long time coming,

    HUK currently is in a massive cost cutting exercise with staff being laid off , the Honda institute shutting with staff laid off and loss of that experience and the entire training piece being outsourced to an American firm. So in this back ground these morons are spending money on a futile data collection for some buzzy power presentation meeting to top brass and point scoring!

    You have to look at my buying experience for the Jazz,excellent product let down by HUK ,and dealers you have lousy customer experience with lousy customer service, poor product knowledge at & poor leadership at all levels.

    If this clever clogs wanted a better picture they should have consulted their existing customers who are loyal. It will get a better picture than fishing customers who have quite frankly left for the above reasons and will ever come back.

    Call its a pessimistic outlook but that is the brutal truth and it is a hard pill to sallow.
  8. exec Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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    The Civic also needs to be put together better, a rattle on a Honda is unacceptable.
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  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Don't buy it the penny will drop buy the other Honda which I have been doing for years.
  10. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    No I'd missed that mate but seen it now and it looks like some good news. :party:

    The Civic does need to be a prettier car but I feel bad if I give it too much if a kicking every time :Blushing:

    That Civic coupe concept shown recently has to come to Europe. It just has to! Call it Integra as there' s an idea :BooYeah:
  11. bijomaru Premium Member Club Supporter

    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    Living in Swindon I've heard a story or two about what goes on in the Honda factory. An employee was told that the component may vary by 1mm from the specification. In his own thinking, he assumes that 2-3mm is not a problem. After all ... it's only few millimetres. He was fired as soon as this was caught, but the damage to god knows how many cars was done. This just shows what work mentality exists in today's world. People just go to the factory to go through their shift as quickly and as easily as possible. They don't care if the car they are building is of high quality or falls apart as soon as it leaves the factory. Sad truth about modern times in our region. I would imagine Japanese still have the strong work ethics they are famous for. I have to say I've seen them at work and they really do. But why would a regular Joe want to learn from them ... :Frown: There are some exceptions and some workers who like us are Honda enthusiasts who take pride in their work, but as soon as they are surrounded by a crowd that does not care, what can they do on their own?
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  12. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    This was what killed British Leyland. Yes the attitude of management was also to blame; equally that of the unions but the fact they got paid (piece work) regardless of the quality of the product but on quantity alone lead to a just lash it out mentality. I know of people who remember parents owning Maxis or Marinas that should have come with oars as standard the fit and finish was so poor so they filled with water when it rained - or was it the Austin Maxi Colander special edition? :Rolf:
  13. vincemince Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Quality staff are key to any organisation and they need to be led by quality bosses. In the past I have often been dismayed at what I felt were on paper quality staff but in reality were not. For me the quality of a product is a reflection of its companies philosophy and the carrying out of that philosophy. Bad apples should not be allowed in and good ones that turn sour should be let go .
    Simple it seems but it takes hard work to maintain this standard.
    - - - Updated - - -
    My better half always wanted staff who had not worked before and so did not have bad habits and could be trained to her standards rather than somebody else's
  14. GSD2013 Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I agree with every post here. Honda do need to stop and look back on the journey they have travelled and recognise that they became successful based on market forces.

    Afterall, the success of the bikes, was built around 'what do people want to buy?" rather than 'what do we want to make?", that's what killed the british bike industry. That, and the fact that the Honda machines were designed and produced in Japan.

    I really think that Mr Honda has had a word in the new CEO's ear from beyond the grave, as the new direction strategy harks back to the days when Soichiro was in charge.

    Apart from the VF1000 and CX500, Honda bikes have been excellent.

    I remember the partnership launch of the Triumph Acclaim car with the Honda engine, nearly all british car critics were dubious, which was the same about the Honda bikes. But Honda learned from other manufacturers' and their own mistakes, stuck with it and proved demonstrably that they were here to stay.

    They took the reins and have led the way with technology, but have to realise that its the attitude of 'what do people want to buy?' and not 'what do we want to make ?' that brought them success.

    If any Honda managers catch sight of this forum, these members are the ones to give you qualitative feedback. Lose the confidence in your market at your own peril Honda. If you need any evidence of this, open the recent pages of motoring history and take a look at BSA, ARIEL, ROVER, amongst many others who closed their factory doors due to becoming insular to their customer base.:Unknown:
  15. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    I too agree with almost everything said so far on this thread.

    As I have said elsewhere on HK, Honda needs to be in more segments in the UK. Customers need to be able to be loyal to the brand and grow with it as their circumstances change. At the moment, the gaps between the cars Honda sells are too big.

    Start by introducing a city car - there are plenty of Japanese domestic options. Make them available on low rate finance, with free insurance. Get youngsters hooked in early.

    The new Jazz looks good. Marketing needs to try to break the myth that it is only for the over-60s though.

    Personally I don't have a big issue with the Civic. I like the looks - not just another Eurobox clone - and when I have had one as a courtesy car its been fine. BUT it feels too expensive - especially the Tourer. As it approaches replacement, Honda should be more aggressive with the deals on offer. It may hurt residuals a bit, and it may damage "brand integrity" but by selling them as a value option, a) people start to see more of them on the road and wonder why and, b) those people who buy them and appreciate them will come back to Honda again.

    That an MPV option is required goes without saying. And a replacement for the Accord. The NSX will be a good halo product. A new S2000 would be good, too.

    While they are at it, adding a 5-year warranty to match Hyundai & Toyota would be sensible as well.
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  16. vincemince Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Going to end up like M & S if Honda is not careful,not really knowing what customers want and feeding a declining market niche.

    People want an identity and to feel proud of that identity but not boastful more self satisfied and assured .
    As you say get the youngsters hooked but feed their changing needs as they move through life.
    Personally if you ripped the bodywork off my legend and stuck the new NSX body work on it I would be in DREAMLAND . My post midlife crisis showing with that statement .But sometime in the near future will want a Range Rover or CR-V . The RR because of marketing ,the CR-V because we are on our 7th Honda. Tried a few RRs and must say disappointed . Got into new CR-V and immediately felt comfortable . But the crux is the 81 year young mother in laws future needs and better halves & nephews golfing needs.
    Marketing is key but you need the products people really want not what the marketeers are trying to brainwash you into wanting , because people end up being disappointed but stay because of a herd mentality. Number of times I have heard , because everyone else wants one it's supposed to be best. Proof is in the eating not presentation or myth .

    Class is permanent style is temporary what we need is reliable fashionability throughout a broader range of models
    Coupled with human dealers not technocrats.
    Good morning how are you I am Joe how can I help you.
    Said with sincerity not script like ! And the second time I arrive it helps if you know my name and the purpose of my visit. Its simple good manners and customer service. Build a relationship that will last it does both of us a favour and be honest if something :tut: up admit it and fixit do not wriggle out of it EG Audi Q7 tyre wear probs TFSI engine oil burning problems etc etc. You get respect and trust this way.
    We had a problem but the dealer was great , bent over backwards for us to sort it out , couldn't have been better
    absolute nightmare had to battle for everything and gave up in the end so wouldn't go back . MUDSTICKS
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  17. vincemince Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Is HK not a sort of focus group for HUK and shouldn't HUK really be monitoring what HKs members are saying ?
    Has HK ever had any communication in any shape or form from HUK regarding IMHO invaluable product feedback or do they just rely on self generated feedback .

    Just a thought. :Banned: :dodgydeal: :What:
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  18. Beefy Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Stoke
    There does seem to be an attitude problem running throughout the HUK chain. It does seem however that these new models are starting an attitude change and resurgence. Many factors influence people attitudes to work. Ime sure in the case of Swindon it's down to all the cost cutting and shift changes. Not to menchon the fairly recent lay offs at the beginning of the credit crisis. A strange choice made with the institute and worrying one if the next venue chosen is not on the same par as the last! But it's all to do with cost cutting yet again! Training should be of paramount importance. Honda have been replacing a lot of training courses for online multiple choice assessments. It's cheaper ! you need to be taught some things! Cost cutting is creating more problems than it is resolving. Short sightedness and ignoring future gains.