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    LA27110. Sketch reveals first details of Honda's next SUV Honda will unveil a concept car at the Detroit motor show that will become a new baby SUV. See here in the first official image of the vehicle, the production version of the Urban SUV Concept is expected to go on sale within the next three years.
    The new car, which is widely tipped to be based on the Honda Jazz, will rival the Nissan Juke and Vauxhall Mokka. It is likely to be spun off the new Honda Jazz platform, which is due in the next two years, and with which the firm is targeting sales of up to 400,000 units a year in America and Europe.
    Unlike with previous generations of the car, Honda is giving its global regions freedom to develop the Jazz to suit local tastes. The European version is expected to be built at the firm's base in Swindon.
    The baby SUV is a key part of Honda president Takanobu Ito's ambitious plans to double global sales to six million cars a year by 2017.