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    These official images reveal the production car will sit on 19-inch wheels​
    Honda confirms 167mph top speed for new Civic Type-R, which will make its global debut in Geneva next month The new Honda Civic Type-R will come with a top speed of 167mph when it goes on sale soon after its Geneva motor show debut next month, a figure which should be enough for the Type-R to be class-leading against its front-wheel drive hot hatch peers.

    Power will come from a turbocharged 2.0-litre direct-injection VTEC engine. Outputs have yet to be confirmed, but insiders have previously quoted figures of 300bhp and torque output of 300lb ft at just 2000 RPM.

    Also helping the Civic Type-R reach that top speed are several aerodynamic features, sculpted through both extensive wind tunnel testing and computer simulations.

    Honda promises “exceptional high speed stability and high levels of downforce” from these features, which include a flat underside, a front splitter, rear diffuser, large rear wing, and deep side skirts. The front bumper has also been designed to reduce turbulence at the front wheels, reducing drag.

    No images wholly showing the car have been released by Honda, but cropped-in pictures reveal the 7000rpm redline for the engine on the rev counter, and the +R button next to the steering wheel that improves engine responsiveness, tweaks the torque mapping to a more aggressive and performance-focused setting, increases the responsiveness of the steering and stiffens the adaptive dampers.

    Another cropped in image reveals the 19in alloys fitted to the Civic Type-R, and low-profile Continental tyres they are shod in. Behind the wheels providing stopping power are 350mm high-performance Brembo brakes with four-piston calipers.

    The styling is understood to be little different from the extreme-looking Civic Type-R concept, seen first at the Geneva and Paris motor shows last year.

    The look of the car is also guided by the need to provide cooling and ventilation to the powerful engine, featuring a large split front grille, and various vents in the proximity of the front wheels.

    Honda has revealed that it has so far received more than 100 orders for the reborn Civic Type-R ahead of it reaching the UK in late spring, suggesting series production will begin by March this year. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be around £30,000.

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