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    Honda proudly introduces the new GXR120 general purpose engine, the perfect power source for rammers. Honda has produced engines to power rammers since the 1990s, an application with high demands on the engine, frame and user because of the extreme working conditions.In 2001, Honda introduced the GX100 engine, specially designed for heavy duty use, which as expected, has joined the list of other Honda engines with a reputation for being reliable sources of power. Today, Honda extends its range of rammer engines with the introduction of the new GXR120 model, suitable to power rammers from 50kg to 80kg.

    GXR 120.

    The displacement of the new engine increases up to 121 cm³, boosting the engine power to 2.6 kW. This more powerful engine, with nearly the same engine weight, is expected to be a welcome addition to the market for more powerful equipment, even for operations at high altitude.

    Compact and lightweight
    The GXR120 is designed with OHC configuration, the same as the GX100, with the camshaft positioned in the cylinder head above the combustion chamber.
    The Overhead Camshaft layout (OHC) is driven by a maintenance-free, low noise timing belt, which makes the engine compact, lightweight and quieter.
    The newly-designed muffler makes the GXR120 even more compact than the GX100, reducing the width by 22mm.
    In development Honda ensured the GXR120 engine can be interchanged on the same frame with the GX100 engines.

    Excellent durability and reliability
    • A special cast iron cylinder sleeve and a high carbon steel, dual, ball-bearing crankshaft ensures high durability and reliability.
    • The recoil starter and fan cover are made of durable steel to increase the toughness of the engine.
    Low noise
    The newly-designed compact muffler combined with the OHC engine layout reduces the operating noise even more to improve user-friendliness. The noise reduction brings the noise level down by 1dB compared to the GX100 engine.

    User comfort
    • The heavy duty recoil starter, together with the automatic decompression system, enables easy starting of the engine.
    • An oil alert feature prevents the engine from starting if the oil level is too low. The OEM can connect a LED indicator that lights up before the start-up if the oil level is not sufficient.
    • A simple but innovative lubrication system with dual breather chamber guarantees an optimum engine lubricating performance in all rammer operating conditions.
    • The engine meets the most stringent environmental standards limiting levels of HC and NOx in exhaust fumes to a minimum aiming at optimal operator's comfort.
    Environmental performance
    Honda is well aware of its responsibility to the environment and aims to continuously lower emissions and to exceed the world's most stringent standards. Our GX range, including the new GXR120, conforms to the European regulations EURO 2 and, at the same time, meets the new, more severe US CARB/EPA standards, which cover both exhaust and evaporative emissions.

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