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    Guys, As I mentioned in my intro. I have a 2001 1.8is just finishing my auto to manual gearbox change...my question...when I was given the car it only had 1 key & this key has no transponder...no central locking etc. where can I get a new key to suit & how do I go about setting it for the imobiliser & now my manual ECU.
    Cheers Eddie.:Aghast:
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    Unfortunately I think your only choice is going to be a Honda dealer.
    If you had the keys and locks with the manual ECU you could have probably changed the lot.
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    I thought those keys are programmed to the ECU, so you need a manual transmission ECU with Keys, or at least 1 key.

    If you don't have a key with the manual ECU you have, I doubt you can start the car, as the immobiliser won't unlock.

    The Honda dealer route could be expensive.
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    Belgium Aalst
    To be sure: you had an auto-gearbox and swapped that gearbox + the ECU for a manual transmission? And the manual ECU comes with one key that does not fit your needs: not (yet) immobi programmed, not fitting your ignition and door locks and no hands free unlocking?

    You have an easy solution: use your existing keys and locks and let the keys reprogram with a Honda dealer for the new ECU.
    But the car needs to go the dealer or the HDS + internet connection (MaRIS access) needs to come to the car...
    This is the same procudure as an ECU swap.
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    I,ve seen key sets with ign.switch & it,s matching immobiliser on e-bay...this might be the route to go & then have the ECU reflashed to wake up the multiplex,s...my problem is the key I have has no transponder therefore cannot be reflashed.

    Cheers Eddie.
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    I think that is your best solution Eddie.
    But try a Japanese breakers for the parts might work out cheaper.
    You'll still have to go to a dealer for reprogramming the ECU.
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    Belgium Aalst
    Hi Eddie,
    I don't understand it. You have to go anyhow to a dealer for ECU + key matching. Why don't you use your current key and locks? I'm really confused. The only thing that's changed is the ECU, no? So same procedure as an ECU swap in case of a broken ECU. There's no need to switch locks or keys.
    What do you mean with 'waking up the multiplex'? Always thought first Honda car with multiplex was the Civic 2006 onwards (in Europe).
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    I-DSI, When I say my key has no transponder, I mean I only have a bare key, there is no fob with a battery or internal printed circuit to switch on the immobliser & ECU. what it gives me is a green light the shape of a key on the dash when switched on to tell me it,s the wrong key...but it started the car & ran fine in this mode...the gen 6 has 3 multiplex,s.
    Cheers Eddie.
    PS. My car is RHD. & was first registered in Southern Ireland.
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    So Eddie I think I got this in your original post.
    Your car previously had an ECU with no immobiliser circuit, you changed the ECU to one that has.
    As I said above you're going to need new keys with transponders coded to your new ECU.
    I think you're going to have to visit a dealer. Unless someone knows if the immobiliser circuit can be overridden via software.