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    Hi all,

    This forum looks great! I found it from a tip on the Honda section of Pistonheads and I've already found a wealth of information in just a few minutes so thank you!

    As a bit of back story, I didn't set out to buy a Legend. I found it by accident really.

    As a bit of background I've just bought my first home and got married so money is tight, so cars have had to take a back seat! I'd been driving around in a horrible little Fiat Punto for the previous 11 months. It was in my family from new though, so at least I knew it's history. Anyway the head gasket went on that but the mechanic who had serviced it for the last 10 years said he'd take it and gave me £250 for it, which I thought was an absolute result for an 02 plate Punto with 97,000 miles! So I unexpectedly needed a new car and was thinking max £500, so with the £250 in my pocket, max £750.

    I'd been regularly stalking the classifieds and was going to go an see a VW Bora V5, but there was too much of a story with that one (basically the seller was Irish and a fan of caravans if you catch my drift) and it seemed suspiciously cheap. So having decided to give it a miss feeling a bit flat on the train home from work I put in 3.0 litre and above on autotrader, max budget £1,000 (no £750 option) and had a look what came up, which was mostly lots of knackered old Jags with no MOT's but suddenly I saw a lovely dark green Honda Legend, less than 13 miles away from me for £895 from a small dealers.

    I phoned first thing the next morning, and the dealer was a nice old boy who was upfront about a rear light being broken from a bit of a knock, but that otherwise it was a one owner car and in good order. Apparently a guy from Manchester had already agreed to come down at the weekend, so I knew I needed to move fast and went to see it that evening (with my very reluctant Dad as I needed a lift). I did a HPI check on the way which confirmed it really was one owner from new with no alerts / thefts etc. It was pissing down with rain, cold and miserable but it drove fine and I loved it. It was up for £895 and I wanted to knock more money off for the lights - both needed replacing, one urgently as water was coming in to the boot but the savvy old guy knew it was the cheapest Legend in the country so the best I could get was £850. We shook hands on that and he gave me no less than 4 keys! a red one still in it's packet, a valet key and two keys with remote fobs, one of which had clearly never been used. Also included was the original sales invoice for £32,000 in 1999, which was settled in full with cash! Eeek!

    Lights and the one knock aside, otherwise though the bodywork was in good condition and there was no rust anywhere, though the car had clearly been sat a while and I think a bit neglected in the last couple of years of it's life. However I plan to change that and have already done a fair bit of work but also have plenty still to do!
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    Wow! Fantastic bit of back story. .always fascinates me how people end up buying cars they do. Only 97% depreciation in 17 years.. :Grin: Hope the car serves you well:gohonda:
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    Welcome to HK Ross. :welcome:
    Smashing introduction.:Hey:
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @Rossi1001 that's a fab intro !

    Look forward to following along as you get various bits sorted on her
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    Thanks everyone! Work done so far is as follows:

    Two replacement rear lights from the scrappy (it was :tut: hard to find one!) £90 inc postage - Fixing these wasn't as straightforward as I thought. The knock to the side of the boot had actually pushed the bodywork light screw hole mountings out further than they should be. This meant that all rainwater running down the boot channel was now being directed into the boot on the right hand side and the light unit was not at all flush / where it should be. I knew the boot was wet when I bought it, but not to the degree I found! On the right of the boot is a large plastic tray to store things in. Lifting that out my Dad and I found a 4 inch deep puddle of water stuck underneath this plastic tray! Thankfully a quick drilling out of one of the plugs at the bottom soon drained it and amazingly there was no rust at all anywhere. Given that the car must have been leaking for months if not years to accumulate that much water I thought that was incredible!

    So here are some before shots. We pushed the dent back out a bit too, but no more than that. I would need a professionals help to fix it properly, but the main thing is that the lights now fit properly and the boot is dry. Note the dent when you look closely at the side of the boot on the side on picture of the car. The right rear light was very smashed with a part missing but the left rear also had a broken lens with mould inside.
    - - - Updated - - -
    And now an after shot!
    media (5). media (2). media (3). afterfix.JPG
    - - - Updated - - -
    Other work done so far is as follows:

    £145 service (Oil / filter change and good look over it). The mechanic noted that the rear brakes especially were knackered.

    £195 getting replacement rear discs and pads (price includes fitting). These were a bit of hard work to find but I got there in the end. Only problem is fixing this then buggered the very rusty rear calipers and the drivers side got stuck on causing a very heavy (and quite scary vibration), d'oh!

    £210 then followed for new rear calipers (including fitting).

    £145 6x platinum coated plugs and a cabin air filter (to help with the old smoke smell). I'm going to fit these with a mechanically minded friend one weekend so I can learn this for myself.

    The mechanic also managed to fixed the gear lever selection lights - the bulb holder had just fallen out of position, but I haven't yet done any other interior bulbs. As it's going to involve taking the drivers side door card apart I'm going to wait for the better weather. On the upside I've found somewhere that sells them (Lings Honda - great website) and I've also spent £10 on a Pdf (1,500 pages!) of the original Honda workshop manual which is very very handy. I will try to post it on here for others who might need it.

    Driving / living with it has been fun though. It's very very comfortable and such a relaxed drive. It's never had any trouble starting even in the very cold recent weather and you can have the heater blower, heated seats, heated mirrors and heated rear screen on all at once and it's absolutely fine. I find the steering a little too light at low speeds but that's probably just personal preference. I'm also a big fan of the cruise control. I'd be reluctant to have another car without it. Also love the HID lights this time of year.

    In terms of niggles / things still to do whilst the brakes are a lot better now they still feel like there is a bit of extra travel / air in the lines or something so it's booked in at my local Honda main dealers. They will do a full brake condition report and fluid change for £90. Not bad and given the previous brake issues I want to be sure it's safe.

    There are a couple of annoying rattles. One I've found and will fix, the other which is intermittent is near the sunroof / light somewhere but I can't :tut: find it!

    The other thing I can't find which is a bit more serious is after heavy rain it sounds like there is a pool of water in the glove box. There is nothing though, the glovebox is bone dry and nor is anywhere inside the car wet on the passenger side so I think water is collecting somewhere under the passenger side wiper and not draining away. Taking all the covers / wipers off etc will be a pain in the :thumbdown: though so again another job for some better weather!

    Belts are the other thing that I want to do. I've got no idea when the cambelt was last done, but sadly this will have to wait as I need to spend money on my new house right now.

    Finally I was toying with the idea of taking it to an auto box specialist. It still has a slight crunch between first and second when doing any even slightly quick pull away. Also does the same but worse when you absolutely floor it,plus generally I don't think the changes (on all gears) are as smooth as they should be. My mechanic checked the oil and said it was perfectly fine but I want someone else to look.

    Think that's about it really other than the fact it LOVES a drink! I knew it would be bad but yeah it does at best 200 or just over miles to a full tank of premium unleaded which works out to approximately 15 miles per gallon! Worth every penny though! Friends love it particularly one who drives a poverty spec golf 1.4 (thanks to the mrs),he's desperate to give it a go! Work colleagues take the piss out of my old tank / limo but maybe they are just jealous!
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    Welcome @Rossi1001
    Lovely motor . Enjoy it
    We had a 99 legend in blue from new finally let it go in 2011 for 09 legend
    We used to average 21 MPG in the 99 legend mainly urban : 15 MPG seems a little bit low unless your enjoying it too much
    Have fun ! :excited: :quad: :excited:
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    Just brilliant @Rossi1001

    A warm Welcome to HondaKarma - fantastic posts so far and a fantastic Legend.

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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda: KARMA
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    Hi, welcome to the forum :Smile: