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    Hi There - Last year my Dad decided to replace his 2004 Accord (which he'd had from new) with a new CR-V. Although his Accord was 8 years old he'd only done 35K miles, so hubby & I bought it off him for the same amount the local Honda dealer had offered him in part-ex against his new vehicle. It's the first Honda we have owned & we are both thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the car.

    After drawing a complete blank with our local dealer, I joined the forum as I was looking for some advice getting a hands free kit + Bluetooth adaptor installed. After reading through various threads think I now know what to opt for, so many thanks to the various contributors on the subject. My only query now will be if anyone knows of someone in the Swansea/Neath area who would be able to install it?

    I would also like to hopefully 'pick the brains' of forum members on a couple of other subjects so will see if there are already headings under which I can post so they will be in the right place!

    Best wishes & thanks for sharing your knowledge - Denny
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    Welcome AOC Denny and thanks for the thanks :Smile:

    Hopefully someone near you will be able to advise on a local installer.

    If they don't look for an In Car Entertainment shop in your area, the bluetooth kit install is pretty straight forward so shouldn't be problem for somewhere that install audio equipment in cars.
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    Thanks SpeedyGee - I have e-mailed a couple of firms for quotes to supply & fit.

    Have a good day! - Denny
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