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    Hi there new to Honda and especially the Civic 2.2 diesel which I get excited every time I get in her. Especially when there's enough room to put my foot on the accelerator. It's like flying a plane I guess. I would love a towbar fitted but everyone quotes so much any help ? Live between Bath and Bristol.gazzy
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    Hello @Happygazzy and welcome to HondaKarma.
    2.2 is indeed a fantastic motor .. I think plenty of options regarding tow bars. Have a look at Accord 7th Generation and 3rd/4th Generation CR-V sections as those boys tow sheds so have discussed things in great detail with plenty of recommendations. If you can't find anything relevant let us know and we will dig some stuff up for you.

    You can start with these
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    OEM Tow Bar and Electric Hookup Information (Guides - )
    Honda towbar woes (Aftermarket Kit - )
    CR-V 2008 tow bar (Aftermarket Kit - )
    2010 EX CR-V Towbar fitting (Aftermarket Kit - )
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    Towbar for CR-V EX i-CDTi (Optional Extras - )
    '63 Plate Honda CR-V - Factory Fit Removable Tow Bar (Optional Extras - )
    Is it worth getting a Honda towbar and electrics (General - )
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