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    First of all I am a new member in this forum and I want to say hello to everyone here. I have got a 56 plate accord 2.2 I-CTDI which i bought in dec 2010 and am just loving my new accord very much. I didnot had any issue until last year in the summer when the cabin started to smell bad, and so i had it checked with the honda dealer at stockton and they agree to repair the manifold under the extended warrenty. Just before I did this I had my car full service at a local garage and so when I get my car back from HONDA dealer I notice the engine pinging sound (rattling) on accelerating after around 1 month time. It's now been running like this for over 2 months with the pinging sound. And also my MPG is considerably bad compare to before servicing. I don't know who to go to so hopefully if anyone here can give me advice, I would really appreciate for your trouble. thank you so much
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    Hi and welcome to AOC it's difficult to say what's causing this pinging sound ,it would seem something is leaking be that exhaust or even a injector.

    You do have a years of protection from the dealer in Stockton after the exhaust manifold was repaired so let them have a look.
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    Is it pinging or a rattling? What oil did your garage use?
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    Thank you for your reply,
    I was also thinking about the same thing take it to the dealer where they repaired the exhaust manifold but then again replying to Paul, I have no idea what oil the local garage used. I read on the internet that pinging most of the time get solved by getting the right grade fuel but I had always most of the time used tesco fuel and last month I even poured slick 50 fuel system treatment and I have got another slick 50 engine treatment with me that I havent used it yet. But I found no change with my issue whatsoever. Any suggestion would be much appreciated, thank you once again
  5. Hello and welcome.

    Sometimes the injectors put the wrong amount of fuel into the engine and need reprogramming so that might be a possibility.

    The only way of finding out for sure what the problem is though is to get the problem diagnosed by a good Honda garage.
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    Hi and welcome. MPG can be affected by the grade of oil used, only use 0w-30 oil and make sure it hasn't been over filled as dealers sometimes do this (can cause the crankshaft to whip the oil into a froth, not good). With regards to fuel additives I personally don't think they do that much but that said if you do use one use BG244 as this allegedly cleans the complete fuel system and EGR valve. I have used this product myself but not to cure a problem more for maintenance.