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    Hi Folks

    Found this forum the other day so thought I would join up.

    I am from Monifieth,just outside Dundee and have had my 1996 1.8 Accord in Silver for four years now.Its only done 49000 miles and it was bought for £900.I'm only its third owner-the first owner kept it for 11 years and hardly ever drove it-it had the full Honda stamped history-some years it only did 2000 miles.

    Anyway its never let me down and for the fourth year I took it in for its MOT/Service today-and its passed yet again with only two advisories-the same as last year.Previous two years to that it needed a bulb and a handbrake adjustment:Smile:

    Can't believe how reliable it continues to be and it gets used most days and is pretty economical.

    I also have another Japanese car-my 2005 Subaru WRX Wagon for weekend use....:Wink:
  2. Hi and welcome

    Great set-up you've got there

    If you can find one like that you're laughing
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    Welcome to AOC goalkeeper.