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    Hello all.

    I have joined the forum on my Daughters behalf. She has a 2009 Honda Civic 2.2 Diesel The car has only done 39000 miles from new (she is the second owner and bought it from a Main dealer in Peterborough)Its been fully serviced by Honda I am a mechanic but on trucks so not used to Hondas. I could hear a noise under the bonnet that sounded like a belt pulley bearing. This would have supprised me at this mileage, but as she paid for extended warranty I told her to take it in the main dealer. The took the car into the workshop and soon came back and said its the Oil pump chain and will cost £990.00. And not covered under the extended Honda warranty. Several things seem wrong here
    A chain should not have worn out at that Mileage unless there is a common fault and after a little research there seems to be just that. The fact that could tell here what was the fault in 30 min tells me they are used to this noise and knew just what it was.

    Can someone please tell me the facts here
    Does this car have common problems.
    Have Honda done recalls?
    Is there an extended warranty because of this fault.
    is it the oil pump or the cam chain or both that fail

    I don't think I will do it but what sort of job is it

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Thanks Ken.
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    Hi Ken,

    Have a look at this thread

    how many miles has the car covered? has this car had its oil changes on recommended times ?
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    Thanks for the reply. The car has only done 39000 miles and has been serviced as per schedule. As I said she took out a 2 year warranty when she purchased it and thats still in force for a couple of months but the dealer still wants to charge and demanded 30.00 for the diagnostic wotk regards Ken

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    Will this apply to a 2009 car. Is this prefface lift? Thanks Ken
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Have you spoken to Honda customer relations directly you can plead your case.
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    Thanks for the reply This will be the next step I was just trying to get facts together. Is a 2009 car valid for this extended warranty? Pre facelift seems to say an old car

    Thanks Ken
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    The after speaking to the warranty control manager the Garage has now said they will accept the job under warranty.

    Thanks for the input and advice