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    Hi everyone,

    Just bought my third Accord, bit of an accidental purchase as I was pretty sure I wouldn't buy another but it was bright red and sooo shiny and had lovely wheels and I just had to have it.

    So, I've got my second Accord to sell now, it's a 2004 diesel exec, full Honda history and looks good in dark pearl red with 17" Epsilons which are only a year old and totally unmarked.


    Third Accord is a 2005 diesel exec, 72000 miles, I'm the 3rd owner. It's got 17" Penta's and a big old boot spoiler, and one of the previous owners had the side and back windows tinted so it looks pretty good! This has got to be about the rarest colour for an Accord - I see lots of Civic's in this flat red but never an Accord before - and the paint is almost perfect too, previous owner obviously looked after it or maybe it's been re-sprayed after a crash?! HPI didn't reveal any nasties, and I've got a 3mth warranty so not too worried. I have got a bit of a troublesome vibration though, just raised a forum discussion about that actually, hoping my local Honda garage in Portsmouth will sort it out along with a slight engine hesitation too which hopefully is just a fuel filter problem.
    Shame for the little problems, given how clean and tidy this car is I was hoping it would be a gem - might turn out to be a very polished dog!
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    Hi and welcome to AOC
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    Welcome to AOC bud, the Milano red in perfect condition do look a million dollars. Please do post some pictures of your car.
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    Welcome. Milano red Accords are awesome
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    160620131626. 160620131627.

    here it is...! affectionately known as Red5
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    Looks good, not many Accords around in Milano Red