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    Hi ,

    over the last few months I've been looking for a Type-S post facelift model , I really want the 2.4 but can't seem to find many for sale , there seem to be plenty of 2.0 and im considering compromising but I did fancy something a tad more performance wise. I've herd the 2.0 is underpowered is this true it the difference in performance that great. Problem is I've just sold my mazda 6 which was the 147 2.0tdi sport and i don't want a car thats slower although that wasnt particularly fast at all. So im sat with no car at the moment and struggling to find a nice post facelift 2.4 Type-S. Is the 2.0 a good buy ? or should i just sit tight and wait for a good 2.4 to come on the market.

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    I'd say look out for the 2.4 although the 2.0 will still be a very good engine. I'm sure I read somewhere that the 2.4 isn't just a bigger engine but there are parts of the engine etc which are upgraded to allow for higher performance/stress etc but I could be wrong and probably am! lol I think the 2.4 is 6 speed whereas the 2.0 is only 5. I think electronic stability control is standard on 2.4 also, although this may only be with pre-facelift. The twin exhausts are subtle but give a clear message to the tailgating Brokenrische Motoren NichtWerke driver to back off our you'll drop a gear and humilate him :Devil:
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    If you willing to travel paddocks of covertry Google ,
    they have 2/3 quite nice ones he mostly sells Honda and ok bloke hot my 2.2 from him and prob once i can drive again go and see what he has left :Smile:
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