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    Hi Everyone,

    Newbie checking in here,

    I have a 2007 diesel tourer and am extremely pleased in my second year of ownership. Nearly 40k miles of entirely trouble free motoring. Economy seems great, I get well over 60 MPG, but I do almost exclusive motorway miles and do drive gently (i.e. boringly slow!)

    It’s now at 116K and I am thinking of running it for as long as it will go. It does feel like it can go on for a mighty long time; actually still feels new (well new ish) gear change positive and slick, absolutely no rattles or squeaks.

    Well I hope to contribute something useful while here

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    Hello Martin and welcome to AOC.
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    Welcome to AOC Martin.

    I borrowed someones 56 plate Vauxhall Vectra today, 107k, by god was I shocked, dash board rattled like crazy, I couldn't stop the heater pumping out hot air, weird drone coming from gearbox, engine lacked power, brake had weird spongey feel to it, suspension clonked, I could go on and on.

    Spoke to the owner and he had nothing but praise for it. So I offered him my Accord to drive someday, smiling to myself as I did so.

    Mine at 120K, drives like new, barely a squeak from anywhere, everything works as it should and pulls like train.

    Enjoy the site and the car Martin.
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    Welcome to the club Martin! :Thumbup:
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    Welcome to AOC bud!

    My 2007 saloon is on 150k so don't worry as long as you look after it, it will literally go on forever!!
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    Hello and welcome along my tourer has 166k on it now and in hoping to keep it till the 200k arrives! Look after it and it will do you proud.
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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks so much for the comments and warm welcome.

    Loved the story of the Vauxhall guy beaming with pride at his rattling vehicle – please post his observations on your accord when he drives it :Smile:

    The car just seems so well bolted together, so glad to hear from you guys happy with higher miles, I will look after mine and sure it will go for some considerable time.

    I will always remember the words of a local mechanic when he picked up my old S2000 that had emptied its oil over all the engine road while 5 miles from home road due to some clown fitting the wrong oil filter when I bought it “you’re lucky that’s a Honda mate, probably get away with it” And I did.

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