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    Les Cumbria
    Hi all, just to introduce myself and say hi, on my second CR-V 2.2 diesel, 2007 EX model. Love the car but have now got myABS,VSA,TSA lights plus warning triangle on the dash! I've read the fault codes with my own scanner ( Autel Maxidiag 802) it found a fault on rear left wheel speed sensor which I replaced and cleared the code but upon driving the lights are off until I get to approx 30mph and they come back, until I get to 30 the ABS actually works but I wouldn't have expected it to at such a low speed!
    Thinking I might have a faulty sensor I tested it for resistance against the rear right and it was exactly the same reading, also my scanner shows each wheel speed on a graph and they all read the same which makes me think the sensor is ok.
    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions where to look next or would a Honda diagnostic reveal any more, or could I suffering from the well documented Modulator failure!
    Any ideas most welcome
    Thanks. Les
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    Welcome to HK, look forward to seeing some pics of your car in the club garage at some point. Our cars are rather sensitive to the ABS sensors etc. Someone who is more knowledgable than me with ABS problems will be able to answer your questions shortly.