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    Hello all,

    Just bought a 6th Generation (I think) 51 plate 2 ltr VETEC Accord Saloon Automatic. So far so good!

    A couple of niggles AC does not seem to work and driver's window 'iffy'.

    I'm hoping for some help from knowlegable owners.

  2. Hi and welcome

    Aircon might just need a regas or might be cream crackered beyond economic repair

    What do you mean by iffy?
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Welcome to AOC :Hey:, hope we can find a solution to your car problems.
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    Hi and welcome:Hey:
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    Hello SayamaAccord,
    Thanks for the reply. On auto-up the window goes up about 2/3rds and then back down leaving about 4 inches showing.
    I can get it fully up 'a bit at a time', but its tight for the last couple of inches.

    I've just noticed (milage interval) that the auto box is due a fluid change. Is this a DIY job?

    I could do with some guidence on how to submit problems or ask for advice too.

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    Hi Leicamanman, welcome to the forum.

    On your window issue I would look at the following :-

    1) Check for restriction/warping in the rubber around the window pane. I have found that using AutoGlym Vynl and Rubber Care on the rubber around the window pane helps.

    2) Window roller guide and sliding surfaces may need lubricating (door panel and liner with need to come off for this).

    3) There maybe weakness in the window motor itself.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC.
    Sounds like the window guides are tight for the last third for some reason.
    Have a look at the passenger side and compare it to the drivers side.