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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by salopian adas, Friday 24th Aug, 2012.

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    hi to everyone on this forum , i,m neil ,49 year old from shrewsbury ,shropshire .i am currently on my 5th accord and 12th honda in all. current model is a 2008 2.4 ex ADAS automatic which i bought 2 months ago with less than 10k on the clock .what a fantastic car!. i am a window fitter by trade driving e renault trafic van during the day. so its nice to have areliable vehicle to fall back on. main interst in life is following shrewsbury town football club home and away so cover many miles.married with 21 year old son (Civic Type-R driver)
  2. Hi Neil and welcome

    You are obviously a true Honda man

    Less than 10k miles is practically a new car - you did really well to find that one.
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Welcome along Honda lover,It make my day to hear such perfect stories which speak volumes about the incredible car that is the Accord.:Hey:
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hello and welcome:Hey:
    One more 8th Generation 2.4 owner:Happy:
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    United Kingdom Primary c Northampton
    Neil, hi there and welcome. Nice sounding motor.. Get a couple of pics of her on here be good to see it.

    Spot on..
  6. Jon_G Guest

    Hi Neil, from a fellow Salopian (Ludlow)!
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    cheers primarycare, tis indeed a nice motor in buran silver .will post a few pics v soon
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    Hello Neil and welcome to AOC.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Hi Neil from another Salopian ( Telford). Great car the Accord, just swapped mine for a CR-V but enjoyed the Accord. Shame about the DPF!! Mine was also in Buran Silver
    Welcome to the forum
    Mike c
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    Welcome & enjoy!