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    Hello ... After having two very reliable diesel cars over the last 15 years I decided to try the Accord 2.2 I-CTDI, not finding anything on the Internet that was bad about them I brought a 2006 February registered FSH 96k tourer, after being on this forum a little while I have not been put at ease, my last car was bomb proof, I just wanted something a little newer, after over 9 years I thought I deserved a change, Honda do have a reputation of building reliable well built cars, but my time here and reading about common problems has not put my mind at ease, surely some one can sing the praises of this diesel engine and its longevity?

    I do like the car and it looks to be well looked after, regularly serviced by a main dealer at 12.5k ... some of its history its had the manifold changed around 77k the clutch renewed 75k a software update around that time too but no mention of the timing chain

    Think I am going to start doing oil and filter changes half way between the service intervals just to be on the safe side, but its always going to be in the back of my mind ...

    Can anyone recommend a main dealer that they trust near to Castleford in West Yorkshire?
    Many Thanks
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    Welcome along Mick, looks like you have picked up an accord with all of it Achilles heels already fixed :Thumbup:, as for a trusty Honda repair centre why don't you give Phoenix close Honda a try.

    Click on their banner and get in touch,its not that far or look up the DIY threads if you want to have a go yourself, plenty of help around here.
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  3. Hello Micky and welcome

    To be fair there are plenty

    They tend to be cars that have been owned by grown-ups, looked after well, not thrashed within an inch of their lives, and not given a not-so-great remap.

    If you do things such as stick to frequent oil changes with 0W 30 only (even some Honda dealers don't use this grade in the diesel), use genuine Honda filters and top fuel such as Shell or BP, take it gently until the engine warms up, and idle before turning off to let the turbo wind down, you'll hopefully not have too many worries.
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    Hi & Welcome along, don't worry about the timing chain on a facelift model. Mines a 56 plate almost 160k on her now had it for 2 years and it's had an alternator and a rear caliper and some shockers but thats more age and mileage related stuff. At least you got one thats had a clutch and the manifold done so thats a bonus. I change my oil every 5k with oil from Lubetech and a genuine filter, the lubetech oil is cheap in the 25litre drum compared to paying £10 a litre for the stuff!
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    Thank your for your warm and friendly welcome along with the good advice offered.
    I feel that this site has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is second to non.
    Pleased to be on board :Smile:
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    Hi Micky and welcome to the club. I've owned an early 2005 I-CTDI tourer for over 4 years/60k miles and found it to be an extremely reliable car, even with minimal DIY servicing. Enjoy!