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    Hi, I just bought a 2005 CDTi CR-V and have found your forums useful. I used to own a 2001 petrol and said at the time if it was diesel it would be perfect, finally managed to find one at a reasonable price so back in the fold again. Thought so far? Loving it!! 38 to 45 MPG and I`ve not even serviced it yet, just fitted a tow bar for the caravan and new pads all round and serviced the calipers. Booked into my local dealer for the window switch recall to be done. Car has done 82,000 miles, FSH, new tyres all round, immaculate inside and out. Just need to find some spotlights then I`m done for a bit :Wink:

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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hi and welcome to AOC
    Please post some pics of your CR-V.We love pics here.
    Hope you find forum helpful.
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    Nice one bud 0-30 oil !"! and genuine filters diesel not worth messing with fit the proper suff.
    good luck bud :Smile:
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    Welcome I do have a soft spot for CR-V's