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    Hi all,
    i have owned a Honda CR-V diesel now for 3 years and it has been a pleasurable experience .
    almost considered putting in for a new one , but as retirement draws closure re payments would prove difficult.
    just started having a few teething problems though, which started in Nov 2012.
    the outside temp sensor developed a high resistance connection that give a reading of -44 degrees.
    this caused the Mode switch LED on the air con unit to flash indicating a problem.
    repaired sensor connection and had fault codes cleared, but LED still flashes.
    Honda very unhelpful as they would not say weather it would stop flashing once all errors were cleared or a code was required to turn it off.
    have read on other sites that the air con control unit display /control has been replaced because the LED continued flashing even when no error codes were logged.
    still looking into this one, so if any of you people out there can throw some light on this one it would be appreciated.
    My first thread is on another problem with the air on .
    it was diagnosed by advanced radiators when I was having it re gassed and tested, that there was a fault with the system that was not showing an error code. The problem been the compressor was not been switched on.
    the relay was checked and the compressor turned on by shorting the relay contacts out, all was working.

    at the time it was traced Back to a problem with the EMC module that provides the switching for the relay.
    the output voltage was 3.45v when air con was turned on or off.
    who knows may be when I repair the ECM it may all just come right, after all who knows what the software doing !

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    Hi Cylo and welcome to AOC , sorry no one has bothered with your query.:Frown:

    if your LCD display still showing a negative temperature reading? what had changed on your car prior to this fault occurring?