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    Hi guys

    just a quick hello from a new member.

    picking up a 8th Generation accord ex model tomorrow. Loved the car, drives great and comes with all the extras I needed and even a few I didn't need.
    a few things I don't understand. The car has a rear parking camera and sensors? Does the parking camera come on the ex or was it an extra? Don't know why you'd need a camera if it has sensors.

    I had a good drive of the car and there is an alarm that sounds when you hit 30mph and 70mph. You must be able to turn it off but I couldn't for the life of me work it out. Anyone know to save me the hour it will take to read the manual.

    timing belt? The dealer said it was a common rail engine, but I'm not sure. (Plus my trust in a sales man is minimal)

    finally I checked the sat nav and its the 2007 - 2008 version, is there a newer version? And if so how much will it set me back?

    anyway all in all very very impressed, after owning vw and audis for the last 8 years I'm looking forward to a change.

    cheers guys.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    On the EX the camera is standard, I beleive the alarms at 30 & 70 can be switched off see page 118 of your owners manual, timming belt - it's a chain mate, well it is on my Petrol Accord, not a belt, and yes there is a newer version of the sat nav DVD available but it is expensive, around £150 for the genuine Honda one - don't be tempted by cheap copies on eBay - they will cause problems with the DVD drive overtime and that can be V. expensive to sort. I have version 3.60 (2011 - 2012) in mine at the mo, but I beleive Honda have just released one for 2013 so I'm thinking of upgrading.
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    Hi. The camera is standard on the EX. The parking sensors help pick up the areas that arent in viewri when using the reverse cam.

    You can turn the speed alarm off. You just hold reset down on the steering wheel I think. Its in the book anyway.

    The cars chain drvien so no belt.

    The new sat nav is £150!!!! NAVTEQ -Honda - Accord - 2012 - DVD Navigation MY13 - APF (Voice Recognition) -
    Total rip off when you can get co Piolot for £26 on Android!

    There are cheap versions on ebay but they are copys and will mess up the laser so they are not recommended. Theres been a few members that have tried it and its not worth it.
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    That item was sold Dennis. However I will have mine up for sale shortly as i will be upgrading shortly.
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    Cheers guys.

    I'll probable look at getting the new version from Honda. Mite as well get the latest version.
    any idea on service cost from a main dealer? It's due in September and its got full main dealer service history so wouldn't mind keeping it like that.

    Im off to collect the car shortly

    can't wait.
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    Hi guys,
    I have an Accord Tourer I-DTEC AT Executive 2011 facelift on my drive way... no rear view camera. It's only 'standard' if you buy the build in sat-nav, no?
    Two months ago i drove an Accord 2010 I-DTEC MT with the genuine build in sat nav, and indeed, that one had the rear view camera.
    Is this different in UK? Do you guys have a screen where the sat nav sits even in you don't take the sat nav? Or... in UK the sat nav is standard on the EX and thus also the camera?