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    Hi Folks,

    The Team at Opie Oils are happy to announce that they now sell the new Millers Oils Flow Control Bottle.


    Until now when pouring from a standard 5 litre bottles it has been difficult to avoid surges in flow – and the resulting mess, spillage and then smell as the oil burns off. All that is about to change thanks to our friends at Millers Oils with this amazing design.


    I am afraid to say that the Motorsport and the classic range has yet to be change to the new bottle. To find the complete flow control bottle range CLICK HERE > > >

    The new Flow Control Bottle Range will cover;

    EE Longlife 5W-40

    EE Longlife C3 5W-30

    EE Longlife ECO 5W-30

    EE Semi Synthetic 10W-40

    XF Longlife 0W-40

    XF Longlife 5W-30 Fully Synthetic

    XF Longlife 5W-40

    XF Longlife 5W-50

    XF Longlife C1 5W-30

    XF Longlife C2 5W-30

    XF Longlife C3 5W-30

    XF Longlife C4 5W-30

    XF Longlife EB 5W-20

    XF Longlife ECO 5W-30

    XFE 10W-40 Semi Synthetic

    If you need help you can call us Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm on 01209 202944, email us at [email protected] or just ask here.