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    Hi All,
    I'm new on here and from staffs, iv got a 1983 Honda 3a Civic wanted some advice on where to get an exhaust and parts from just can not find parts anywhere thanks.
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    For an '83, parts are at the age where a lot of dealers would likely struggle to source them. I'd ring our club affiliate Holdcroft Honda, and have a chat with them. Regardless of what they're able to get themselves, they'll be able to offer advice.

    In my opinion, if you're attempting to keep the car as original as possible, perhaps try and get a-hold of a donor car, you'll find yourself in this situation more than once. The alternative is to refurbish what you can, from what you have. Some parts can be welded, other re-fabricated from measurements or blueprints etc.

    We have a couple of 1st Generation Accord owners on the site that could possibly offer some good advice too.
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    Hi, type '83 Civic exhaust' into ebay & see what comes up!!
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    I think I've got a center pipe in stock believe it or not lol

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    welcome mate,
    have you thought of having a custom exhaust done?
    can have mild steel or stainless :Wink: