Engine & Gearbox New Owner - Accord Coupe V6 Auto - 2000

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by Sbk1972, Wednesday 13th Mar, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    Im Simon, and have just brought a 2000 Honda Coupe v6. Really please with it, collecting it in a day or so. There are a few issues and Im hoping you guys can help.

    1) Are the automatic gearbox problematic ? I've read a number of US sites and it seems that automatics are considered awfully unreliable. Is this true ? How often do I need to replace the gearbox oil ?? Honda only fluid ??

    2) My car has a dealer fitted Honda body kit, but one of the side sills was replaced with the wrong type. Anyone know where I can get replacements ?

    3) MPG - What MPG do the other V6 owners see ??

    4) IS there a server interal / coverage chart I can look at ?? Car as done 42K and I would like to fully service it. Not sure on oil types, etc

    5) IS there a buyers guide to review ??

    Cheers all

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    Hi Simon and welcome to this forum. Congratulations on your new car! I had a 2000 coupe 2 litre auto which I loved. I had 150,000 miles on it when I traded it in for my current 7th Generation Accord. I got around 25mpg in the end - although I had a cold air induction on it which made it a bit thirstier! The v6 will burn a bit of fuel but will be a great car!

    Sorry - can't help you on the tech details; I never changed the auto box fluid, but do remember some recommendations to do it every 30,000? I'm sure some of the guys on here will be able to advise and help you out.

    All I can say is that they're really reliable cars and you shouldn't ever have much in the way of problems with it. Worst I ever had, which was towards the end, was drop links needing replacing and some suspension bushes- to be expected with the high mileage and all if the potholes in the roads !
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    Hi Simon,

    I have a 2000 V6 Coupe as well........... I've had mine now since January and I love it. Mine has 164000 miles on it now and it doesn't miss a beat. Uses no oil or water. Luckily it came to me with an LPG conversion so I run it at £ 0.75 a ltr :Smile:

    Enjoy it matey.