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    Hi, I'm Glenn from Somerset. I have recently acquired a 1982 Y Honda Accord 3GE 1.6 EX 3door. It was owned by a Lady in North Somerset from new, and has only done 64,000 miles in just over 30 years! As far as I can tell she is original mechanically, but has had some paintwork done at some points in her life, but done well. Only slight disappointment is the original radio was changed for a CD player! Still running on Michelin 165 x 13's, on the standard steel rims with Chrome Rims. She's going to be MOT'd again this week, as the tax and MOT run out in March. A few nice touches like the original Blue log book and all books etc came with her. I'm trying to work out how to upload some pictures. According to the 'How Many Left' website, there's only 3 3GE's left? would be interested to know how accurate this is.

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  2. Welcome Glenn

    That looks pretty special. Great find.
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    Glenn, this looks great!!
    Do I see a very early version of service reminder system in the speed clock?
    Please take care of this old lady. I hope you will not use her as a daily drive?
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    Hi, Thanks for your nice comments. Yes, it has got a service reminder on the dash. It is safely covered up in the garage, only comes out in the dry!
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    Hi Glenn and welcome.
    Lovely to see these old cars on the road. This one looks in very good condition .
    Nice purchase.
    Mike c
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    What's your daily ride?
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    Welcome to AOC Glen.

    Wow, she looks in really good nick.

    Good to see older gen cars still being looked after and maintained well.