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    I'll be collecting a 58 EX on Monday hopefully. This will be my first honda. I've had a few nissan's, a Saab, seat, toyota before. The longest I can seem to keep a car is 2yrs or so. I've just sold my toyota aristo v300 for the accord. I don't have any pics of the accord yet, but I'm sure you all know what they look like now!

    Here are a couple of pics of my favourites:
    Seat Leon: hybrid turbo, Porsche brakes 230bhp and 330ft lbs... Not bad for a 1.9 diesel!!!


    Toyota Aristo V300: lots of greddy, hks and blitz goodies. 8.5" front 10" rears. Circa 400bhp 3.0 twin turbo


    I must be honest, I went to see a mondeo titanium x sport 59 plate. When I turned the corner it was being taken out for a test drive. 10mins of waiting, the person purchased it. So me and the mrs went to check the Civics and seat Leon fr out. The fr was sold already which left the Civics. A lot of them had panel gaps where the front bumpers met the bonnet. Also I didn't like the fact that most 2.2 diesel cars don't have body coloured trim that runs around the entire car. After some time, that will look pants and you'd have to constantly put back to black spray on it. Also the size was a bit of an issue as we have our first due in May. I had previously thought of the accord however the 180bhp was out of budget. I really wanted something circa 8 seconds. However the mrs convinced me to sit in the ex model. From there i was doomed. The mrs loved it, I loved the gadgets and i signed away. The dealer needs to fix the sunroof however as the rubber seal has become deformed and it won't shut properly.

    As we have one on the way, I really need to limit how much I mod this car. I have a really bad habit of wasting money on cars. Having said that I've already added a lip spoiler to my ebay watch list!

    I'm doomed!

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    Hi and welcome to AOC
    Are you getting petrol or diesel Accord?
    Like the look of that Seat.
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    Hi Zoran, it's the diesel I'll be purchasing.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wish list so far:
    sun shades
    lip spoiler
    side skirts
    rear bumper spoiler
    DPF delete and remap
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    Congrats on the Honda purchase.

    Nice little list of mods you got planned there.

    Though I'm not so sure about the DPF delete and remap, why kill the reliability of the car with these mods ?
    If you search this forum you'll find plenty of people have had various problems that have been caused by the remaps they had done.

    Of course at the end the day though the choice is yours to make.

    Do you have a firm in mind to get the DPF delete and remap done by ?

    Post some pics when you get the car.
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    Hello and welcome mechanically I would leave it standard otherwise you'll probably end up wasting more money.
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    Took ownership today and I'm over the moon!! I won't be changing anything just yet... Will wait until the honeymoon period ends...
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    Congrats ToL ... Post some pics up :Thumbup:
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    Welcome Shake looking forward to see your Accord.

    That Lexus 2JZ is a beast very very powerful engine.