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    I've searched the owners manual and online but can't find an answer.

    On the dashboard, in the picture of the car there is a symbol with a person in it, and then 3 circles below the person.

    What do the three circles represent, and the picture of the person indicate?

    In the manual I have it just shows an empty image of the car.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for what is probably a super-basic question.

    I've a 2.0 ES Honda CR-V, 2007 57 model.


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    Morning @Stubbo. It's customary to Introduce Yourself first, so that we can get to know a little about you and your Honda(s)

    I don't have a CR-V, but what you're describing is similar to an image on the information display on my Accord.
    Is yours for the rear seatbelts? i.e. To confirm when they are engaged.

    Would a CR-V owner please confirm, or correct me please?
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    United Kingdom Stubbo Leigh-on-Sea
    Introduction. Provided as requested. Thanks for the reply and look forward to a confirmation from a CR-V owner, although I'll test it out myself later.

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