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    Hi folks

    Prepare your diddly holes for a lot of questions. :Smile:

    I am picking up my new car on Friday, Accord Tourer executive, diesel, manual 2005 on a 54 plate (registered just a few days before it changed to 05 plate).

    Car is a 1 former owner, full service history and is in pretty damn good condition... well looked after and probably garaged most of it's life... 134k on the clock.

    I plan on getting a full service done (will check service history fully to see what's been done recently)... and for peace of mind I will probably flush and replace brake fluid and probably power steering fluid (using the syringe method). Service will be all oils and filters preferably with OEM stuff... unless you guys recommend a better oil. I tend to stick with fully synthetics on my cars, costs a little more but peace of mind... I also tend to service every year even though I only average 5000 miles p/y. I'll probably do glow plugs too, they not that expensive and peace of mind and all that.

    I read something about clearing out the gunk in the turbo using mr muscle... is this worth doing, or leave until it becomes a problem?

    Main things that fail? Anyone have a list. :Smile:

    Shortcomings of the car... are brakes above or below what you'd want/expect... is the fully loaded braking ability poor in comparison to unloaded and what can be done to improve (I'd normally uprate discs and stick some EBC green or red pads on).

    Satnav... where is the DVD drive located, and how do I check the version of the maps installed?
    Also, what are the most up to date versions of the maps, what areas are covered and so forth?

    Essential upgrades... is there anything about the car that should be improved bearing in mind I'm no longer interested in modding cars but subtle OEM stylings might appeal (so long as it doesn't involve sticking badges on to pretend it's a Type-R or something)... maybe some subtle OEM side skirts as it's already got the tailgate top spoiler with brake light... doubt I'd want a front lip due to high curbs when parking.

    Are wind deflectors a good idea? I love having the window open, but my hair is long enough to get blown in my face and eyes whilst driving... and I do kinda prefer windows open slightly to aircon when below 50mph even on colder days I'll probably crack one a little.

    Boot liners - Opinions please, will be loading and unloading a wheelchair quite often so want to keep the carpet clean and free from marks. Seen a few with a lip all round and flap that unfolds to cover the loading edge/bumper.

    Sorry to dump a shed load of questions on you all... so much to learn now that I'm buying one. I became quite the expert on the old MX6 and ended up setting up the UK owners club that ran until 2013 (couldn't find anyone to take over ownership sadly).

    Also meets... I have a few health issues that mean I can't really crawl over and under a car much these days, do you have any fix it days where people get together and help each do those odd jobs on their cars. Be nice to meet up with some fellow owners at some point, although I'm not really keen on big events like Japfest, Trax and so forth because of mobility problems... besides I've been to lots of those types of events, and I've been to the Nurburgring and gone around the Nordschlieffe a few times. :Smile:

    TL:Grin:R - Blah, blah, blah.
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    Oppps, we seem to have overlooked this thread @Heckler :Blushing:

    Bumping it for people to add their thoughts.
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    That's ok guys... getting loads of answers in my other thread. :Smile:

    I do tend to throw lots of questions into a single post... but maybe I should make smaller ones and be more specific with the post tags.