Pre-Facelift Model New owner - Owner's Manual?

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by codymamak, Wednesday 4th Dec, 2013.

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    Hello everyone, I am writing from Italy!

    I just got a 2004 2.2. CTDi Navi sedan with 137k km on it.

    Car seems quite good, but I have the nasty flickering on the aircon clock described in another thread (will look into it soon), and a couple lamps that are burnt (one front and one rear)

    I am asking you if there is some PDF / scan / online version of the owners manual so I can dig info about all the Navi unit (got a brief explanation by the previous owner) and all the related info about car maintenance and care.

    Also, I found here in the wiki the scheduled maintenace, can I just do the 140k km service and be safe about the car?
    Or should I do some special inspection due to not being able to know the past of it, knowing the car runs fine, no strange noises, nothing noticeably wrong..

    My main problem is anyway that the car had come without owner's manual and service booklet. I know that the last service was done presumably very short time ago by a sticker on the door of 131k km for oil change...but I am not trusting it at all.

    What is your opinion / suggestion?

    And please, do not tell me to get the owner manual in a dealership, I tried actually before writing this message, but they told me the manual is not available anymore , at least in Italy...