Pre-Facelift Model New Owner - Some Silly Questions!

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    Hi guys,

    Have recently got myself a 2003 2.4 Accord Type-S having been a Del Sol owner for years.... so am new to the accord but not to Honda.

    Technology wise the accord is light years ahead, and I don't have the owners manual, so have some really simple questions to ask....

    1) The passenger side headlight (dipped beam) has stopped working. Id assumed by colour of light that the lights were halogen projector, but upon taking off the plastic cover at the back, it would appear they are Xenon - could this be right? the lights don't look tampered with, and the car was bought from a 70 year old guy so i doubt its modified? How the hell do I change the bulb thing?

    2) The clutch is very stiff compared to other hondas - is this a feature of the accord, or do i need to lubricate?

    I'm sure I will have more in time as i find them!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello and welcome to AOC.

    I believe the 2.4 did come with HiIDS or at least an option.
    The manual says to refer to dealer. But I expect you can do it yourself. Wait for someone else to come along and confirm.

    As for the clutch, search the forum for lubricate clutch. You'll see a thread about lubricating the clutch rod. I can't link you the thread as I'm posting from my iPhone.

    Pop over to introduction section and say hello.
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    Welcome Steve,Del Sol what a car did you have the electronic roof? I remember my mate Will had one and it was a great handling car on twisty :Hooray:.

    2003 Ex Accord 100% had HID , Type-S I doubt but I have never seen one with it so I could be wrong. The best way to spot a HID is get another helper to tune the stalk to headlights on. You observe if the lamp lights up instantly or if there is a small flicker with the light intensity increasing.Flickering one is HID and instantly are halogens.

    Additionally on the low beam cover if you have sticker warning you of high voltage and dangers then you are sure it is HID, no sticker means candle bulbs halogens.

    You can get owners manuals on ebay accord owners manual | eBay
    additionally from dealers at similar prices you should have on just for info like this.

    Stiff clutches can be normal wear tear with the pressure plate fingers losing tension , poor brake fluid condition in master cylinder. You would only lubricate the shaft is there is noise does you pedal make a noise in stop and go traffic conditions?

    Any more questions just fire away bud.
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    I've owned 2 in my time - both UK spec VTi's with the b16a2 engine and manual roof (lighter so quicker :Happy: )
    The first was modded and handled like it was on rails - the second (and existing) has had light mods but only with honda OEM kit, so it has S2000 seats, DC2 Momo wheel, Civic Jordan wheels etc

    Thanks for the help with the lights - turns out they are halogen after all, but the Halfrauds manual said id needed a HB6 (which i went and bought), only for it to be H1 as I'd suspected - serves me right for listening to Halfrauds - sorted now.

    Next step is the clutch otherwise my left leg is gonna be bigger than the right! :Aghast:
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    A 10ml Plastic Syringe and a cotton bud with the ends cut off to use as an syring tip extension and some Molykote 55 O-ring grease will do the job if the pedal is stiff/sqeeking on the last part of travel.
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    Ideal is the Molykote G-Rapid Plus aerosol can, no need for syringes. it had a long feeder tube and you can get targeted hits use one hand to move the clutch pedal and the other to get the fluid in.:Thumbup:

    This is approved by Honda for master cylinder lubrication.

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