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    Hello to Accord Owners Club!

    I'm about to collect (in 1 week's time) a new Honda CR-V 2.2 EX diesel manual in Twilight Blue Metallic. It's my first Honda (jointly owned with Mrs AirMiles, that is :Smile:) - but by no means my first car - and I have found this forum to be very useful. Although reading some members' experiences could be off-putting when moving to a different manufacturer (and this is equally true of other makes), I'm still confident of the choice of vehicle. The test drives sufficiently impressed me and Mrs AM that we placed our order (last month) within a 2 weeks of the first drive. Having the salesperson bring the car to the house and drive it into our garage (a tight fit through the door, though plenty of room inside) was the clincher for Mrs AM, whose own car had that garage all to itself for 10 years while my brand new car sat on the drive (such is marital democracy!).

    The CR-V wiki FAQ have been very useful and I hope to be able to contribute my own observations as time goes on.

    I would be interested especially in other members' experiences with Summer/Winter tyres.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Nice to see more CR-V owners joining and sharing their experience.
    I personally don't bother with winter tyres but other members might be able to help you with that one.
    Looking forward to see pics of your CR-V.
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    Hello mate. Welcome to AOC. :Hey:
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    Have had the CR-V for a week now and am really pleased with it.

    Here's a pic
    Am still getting used to a manual gearbox (many years with automatics), but the car is quick to tell me I'm in the wrong gear!! And I, and Mrs AM, are in love with the panoramic roof. I find it so useful, when a passenger, to be able to look up at the sky (and the rain!) instead of forwards in terror! :Whistle:
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    Welcome to AOC :Hey:, you've made a great choice with the car and the forum :Smile:

    I've had Winter tyres for the first time this year, on my Accord. Predictably, it's been pretty much the mildest Winter I can ever remember, so I've got no idea whether they have been useful or not. DOH!

    Hopefully a hard, cold, Winter next year...if only so I can justify the expense!
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    Welcome to AOC!
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    welcome :Smile:
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    Could you re-upload the pic of your CR-V when you have time?

    Thanks in advance!
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    And welcome, congratulations on the new motor :Smile:
    I have had winter tyres before admittedly not on the Accord that went through all the white stuff we had the other year no trouble at all just had decent tyres with plenty of tread.
    On my ( much hated and over rated A6 estate) I had both Dunlop winters and Firestone.
    The fire stones were better but not much in it. Yes they made a big diffrence on that car, quite a heavy estate diesel if yours is the 4 wheel drive ( sorry if already stated) then don't think you will need them Dr at work has CR-V never had winter tyres and our practices are all rural never got stuck unlike another Dr now retired bless. her she had an Octavia estate 4 wheel drive on road tyres and it sucked! Was a pain to drove when it wasn't in for new diesel injectors that is.
    I would wait se what you think once you have it and if you decide to go for a spare set I would advice a good set of soend hand wheels to fit th on, lot less hastle in the long run.. Good luck with the new diesel and don't forget to give it a good clean out now and again ;-)
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