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    Hi guys,

    I have just bought a 2003 Type-S 2.4 v-tec and I am very pleased with the car, the only problem I have is the CD player doesn't work at all and I was thinking of getting a system like I had in my last car (rx8).

    I will be honest and admit I have absolutely no idea about this sort of thing ( a shop fitted my last system ), the sort of unit I want/had is like this,

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    My question is has anyone here got or had a system like this and if so which one is the best and available in the UK?

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    Hi @steff657 and welcome to HK.
    Congratulations on your Type-S ..the 2.4 is a pretty damn fine motor. If you can add your car to the club garage with a few photos of the current system, members will be able to see and advise best solution for you.

    meanwhile you can either do some searches on the forum to find the info you need as I am pretty sure a few people have explored this option. Others just ditch the CD and install XCarLink Bluetooth kit. You will find some build threads on 7th Generation Accords here .. have a look at project logs
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    Welcome to forum @steff657 and congrats on the Accord purchase.

    The quality of these replacement system seems to be a bit suspect. They have been discussed before on the forum though, so have a search for those threads.

    Personally if I were in your shoes and wanted to get the CD working again I would look for a second hand from an Accord being broken.
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    Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the forum

    Sorry to hear about the CD player not working, that must be annoying

    I have heard those Chinese units arent very good. Has slow interface and generally pretty erratic.

    If you want additional audo options, Xcarlink systems are the best way. They plug into the back of your standard OEM unit (cd changer port) and will act as an aux option on the front of your stereo. they also offer ipod connection, streaming from your phone via bluetooth and hansfree

    If i was you i would probably find a second hand replacement standard OEM head unit to replace your faulty one.
    (loads on ebay from people brekaing Accords)
    It should be a direct replacement. No security codes needed as far as i am ware, if you still wanted a touch screen or sat nav type unit i would get this fascia which converts the lower cubby section to a double din. This will let you buy any sat nav type double din and fit it in this area. There are various looms and harnesses available which will enable you to fit the double din headunit within your standard OEM headunit and will work together via Aux i think. No splicing or cutting of your OEM harness. Pretty sure a few people have done it on here.


    Hope this helps
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    I would purchase a second hand unit

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    Just make sure you buy a preface lift unit.
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    I think he needs the standard OEM cd player type unit i assume he has the non at sta nav tyoe

    You need to check your part number on your unit - i think you have to check on the rear
    There are two different types premium sound system and non premium sound system type
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    Hi guys, been a while since I posted, been working abroad, I decided to not bother with that chinese pos but now I have a question for anyone able to answer it.

    I have recently ordered a new fascia for my car and am now in the process of finding a radio to fit, my question is with the window measurments of 173 x 98mm would this radio need a little bit shaving off or alot?

    Also what extra equipment is needed to install a double din, e.g., wiring harness or a cage.

    The fascia I have ordered is this,

    Thanks alot guys
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    What about the HVAC controls, or am I missing something?

    Edit - It goes under the existing unit, I'll get my coat
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    @StuH The HVAC controls arent touched as that facia replaces the centre console cubbyhole under the HVAC controls