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    I was assured my service book would be sent with my V5C for my new 8th Generation Accord. It's not happened and nor am I expecting this to happen.

    Therefore I have gone to the expense of buying a new Service Book.

    I did receive printouts of all the service records/signatures/stamps though.

    So do I:

    a) Photocopy the printouts, cut them out and stick them into my new Service Book (Ew! this will look horrible)

    b) Write to/ring each garage that has serviced the car since new which was pretty far from Milton Keynes e.g. Bristol and Wiltshire area etc. and ask them if I could visit them to get my new Service Book stamped, excessive driving for what it is.

    c) wait for some awesome suggestions from Honda Karma folk
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    Scrapbook service book! :Rolf:

    I'd personally photocopy all of the service pages at the size of the service book itself, for each service just handwrite who did what, and then just make a note to "refer to back" for the photocopied service receipts.

    Otherwise, I can't think of a simple clean way to do it other than visiting all the garages.
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    I like your style and will wait for a few more answers before scribbling in this precious (to me) book