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    After recently downloading a new Accord brochure I have now been e-mailed with a survey conducted on behalf of Honda UK. Questions included what I think of honda cars, why I had not yet bought a new car, what other makes of car I have considered, why I am considering buying a new honda,etc, etc. This gave me the ideal opportunity to express my views on the lack of information from honda regarding the future of the Accord and the bias of dealers in promoting Swindon models. This seems to me to be a very good way to get through to honda and let them know what many Accord owners and potential buyers are concerned about, including whether a new model Accord is being considered. I hope those amongst us that are of the same opinion as me take the opportunity to download a brochure from the Honda web site and get the chance to make their views on the future of the Accord known to Honda.
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    Thank you I am on this bad boy all over like a bad rash!
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    @jrd Well spotted :Thumbup:

    I will be passing on my feelings/opinion :Innocent:
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    Excellent call @jrd, thread promoted to the News page.
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    BTW I ordered a brochure by post, and haven't had the survey through, so must be for downloads only.
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    Just noticed this thread. Will give this a go.
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    I just done this survey and left my feedback.
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    Well I've received the brochure by email but no download option? Maybe the Swindon Gestapo have cottoned on to what we're doing :Baseballbat:

    I wonder how many times I can paraphrase Soichiro Honda with Accord related statements

    "If Honda does not sell the Accord there is no Honda" will do for starters.......

    High time the Swindon Gestapo were told a few home truths! I've not had chance to have a pro Accord go at Honda UK for a while and I've missed it.... :lol:

    Mind if they send me any Swindon propaganda then ........ :Baseballbat: :telloff: :Baseballbat: :Baseballbat: :Baseballbat: :Baseballbat:
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    EDIT: Sorry it's a link they've emailed to download the brochure
  11. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I saved the pdf's after downloading.
    I think, that each time download, it send you the latest brochure.
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    A week since I downloaded the brochure and no survey....... :Unknown:

    Perhaps the Swindon Gestapo have sussed us out :Baseballbat: and now don't send the survey out in case they get to hear what the real views of their loyal customers really are - they seem to be happy pedalling 1.6 I-DTEC to unsporting fleet customers who they will never see again instead.
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    Received a follow up e-mail today from Honda uk. No mention of a new model accord but I was invited to reply with any questions I might have. Naturally I took the opportunity to inform them that I, like many other existing accord owners, was in the market for a new accord but would not be making a purchase until a new model is introduced in the uk. I await their response.
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    Not heard a thing from Honda since downloading the brochures.... :Whistle:

    I have received a survey from GfK NOP about my Accord so I'll do what I can with that one.
  15. jrd Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Received this reply from HUK after my latest response to their email."We appreciate your interest in the Honda Accord. Currently, we have no available information with regards to the introduction of a new Honda Accord. If, or when, such information is available, it will be published on our official website, Please keep in touch with the website for regular updates."
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    Honda's dithering over 9th Generation continues whilst market share tumbles even further towards oblivion as Civics and CR-Vs are continually failing drastically to find any buyers in any sort of volume.

    It seems they have embraced the BL business model (dithering, indecision and total loss of direction) but even BL managed to shift some volume....
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