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    Hi All
    I just discovered this forum by accident, I am an owner of a Accord Aerodeck 2.0 LSi 1995 and I have the Areodeck for the past 13 years. Its the main family car and drives like a dream. I am seeking some advice regarding a couple of issues on my honda accord aerodeck.

    1. I getting a knocking sound when i accelerate, i'm not sure if it is related to front drive shaft or related to differential within the gear box, my mechanic and I possibly think it is the latter however I would welcome some expert advise
    2. Second, when I use the keyless fob to lock the car its takes up 1-2 minutes before the panic alarm goes off. I am not how to resolve the issue, i welcome any advice from the members of the forum.

    I look forward to hearing from you for chat and help.

    many thanks

  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Hi Hiro995, welcome to AOC.

    That's a pretty rare car you got there, post up some pictures would love to see it.

    Wow 13 years of ownership, that's great going ! I normally get bored with a car after 2 LOL

    Anyways heres my thoughts on your issues :-

    1) Jack the car up and rock the wheels back and forth slowly you should be able track down where the sound is coming from.

    2) Check all the door, bonnet and boot switches. Door switches are easy to check as you can use the interior light to see if they are working.
    The boot switch (should be part of the boot catch), does the Aero have a light in the boot, could use that to test that that switch works.

    The bonnet switch not sure exactly where that is, you can check that visually and with a multimeter. This is most likely the culprit, could be rusty or the wire may have come off or switch damaged if the bonnet has been dropped down hard on it.

    Also make sure condition of the car battery is good as voltage drop below a certain level can also trigger alarm.
  3. HIRO1995 New Member Getting Started

    Hi Speedy Gee

    sorry for tardy reply...and many thanks for the suggestions re knocking sound and alarm system. I will let you know the outcome and arrange to post some image of aerodeck accord. Cheers Hiro 1995